'Really a bad look': Beyonce under fire as fans complain 'Cowboy Carter's CD and vinyl have songs missing

'Really a bad look': Beyonce under fire as fans complain 'Cowboy Carter's CD and vinyl have songs missing
Disappointed social media users assert Beyonce is overrated (Beyonce/Facebook)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Beyonce's newest album, 'Cowboy Carter', has been causing quite a stir among critics, and now even her die-hard fans are starting to feel disappointed. It turns out that some sharp-eyed fans have spotted a problem: both the CD and vinyl versions of the album are missing a few songs.

Critics have also been quick to point out that Beyonce might be out of her element when venturing into country music.

They've especially expressed their distress with her rendition of Dolly Parton's classic, 'JOLENE', which received mixed reviews despite Parton's own praise.

However, despite the backlash, 'Cowboy Carter' is still making major waves. It has shattered records left and right, becoming Spotify's most-played album in a single day with a whopping 76.13 million streams on March 29, the day it dropped.

Beyonce's fans were convinced the 41-year-old singer got felt up by one of her crew member after video of him helping her down a ladder was posted to TikTok earlier this week
Beyonce's CD and vinyl versions are missing tracks according to fans (GettyImages)

Beyonce's fans complain of tracks missing from CD and vinyl versions

According to the Daily Mail, fans have raised concerns about Beyonce's latest album, 'Cowboy Carter', noting that the CD and vinyl versions seem to be missing tracks.

Those who eagerly pre-ordered physical copies of Beyonce's eighth studio album were left disappointed when they realized that the digital release had more songs.

Even though the pre-orders for the CD and $40 vinyl began arriving on the same day as the digital release, fans took to social media to express their frustration.

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As per the Daily Mail, fans pointed out that five tracks available on the digital version of the country album were absent from the vinyl version, and one was missing from the CD version.

The vinyl version had tracks 'Flamenco', 'Oh Louisiana', 'The Linda Martell Show', 'Spaghetti', and 'Ya Ya' missing, while the CD lacked 'Flamenco'.

In addition, some fans noticed a curious detail that certain pressings of the CD and vinyl displayed the title 'Act II – Beyince' instead of 'Cowboy Carter'. This led to speculation that Beyonce might have been tweaking the album's content until the final weeks before its release.

It's worth noting that physical editions of albums typically require a lead time of at least two months for production, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Intenet users assert Beyonce's album is terrible

A user on Facebook wrote, "That album is bad and this was just her cosplaying a cowboy and dressing country as “beyonce”. This is really a bad look".

Another user wrote, "She can’t compete with T Swift & doesn’t win pop awards now….that’s why she is trying country. Girl, maybe it’s time to retire or starting booking casinos & county fairs!"

A user commented, "Average in everything she does very overrated".

Another user commented, "Of course they are missing. How do you think she's going to squeeze more money out of you. You want them all you have to pay more money for them on a different album or CD."

A user stated, "She’s no business in country music! That track is terrible and makes noooo sense!"

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