‘You should be ashamed’: Sean Hannity faces backlash as he says Joe Biden is experiencing ‘serious mental decline’

‘You should be ashamed’: Sean Hannity faces backlash as he says Joe Biden 
is experiencing ‘serious mental decline’
Fox News host Sean Hannity criticized President Joe Biden over alleged cognitive decline (Fox News, Getty Images)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Fox News host Sean Hannity criticized President Joe Biden on his show 'Hannity' for what he suggests is a noticeable cognitive decline.

During the show, Hannity questioned whether claims of Biden being sharp behind the scenes were true or whether it was true that Biden accomplishes more in an hour than most Americans do in a day.

Sean Hannity questions media's reluctance to expose 'lies' about Joe Biden

Hannity began, "The President of the United States is experincing a serious mental decline. Everyday it gets worse."

He accused the the left-leaning media and Biden's aides of trying to cover up his cognitive decline.

The Fox News host said, "Will they continue to tell us that Biden is as sharp as ever behind the scenes? We know that's a lie. That Joe Biden accomplishes more in one hour than most Americans do in an entire day? Do you believe that?"

He questioned media's reluctance to expose lies about Biden and predicted that the left-leaning media would continue protecting Biden, as reported by Fox News.

Sean Hannity speaks during a live taping of
Sean Hannity posed questions about Joe Biden's cognitive decline (Getty Images)

He said, "When, if ever, will anyone in the mob in the media ever get tired of the lies? Or will Biden's pals and the press just continue to protect their fellow Democrat for the next 140 days, 91 days until early voting begins in Pennsylvania and only ten days until this all-important debate?"

Hannity reported an unusual occurrence where Joe Biden appeared alert and hyped up, possibly due to caffeine pills or Red Bull. He expects a resurgence of jacked up Joe in ten days.

Joe Biden (Getty Images)
Sean Hannity suggested caffeine and Red Bull kept Joe Biden alert during the State of the Union speech (Getty Images)

He remarked, "There's one interesting phenomenon. There has been one night where Joe Biden didn't seem to be off, seemed to be alert, seemed to have a lot of energy, hyped up, Jacked-up Joe, as I called him."

He went on to say, "That was the State of the Union. I don't know if it was Red Bull. I don't know if it was caffeine pills, whatever it was. I would fully expect that in ten days we will see the reemergence of Jacked-up Joe. Let's see if I'm right."

Biden's age and mental acuity have been widely debated, with Republicans losing no opportunity to project Biden as unfit for office.

Internet reacts as Sean Hannity mocks Joe Biden

People online reacted to Sean Hannity's remarks about Joe Biden.

A user said, "Your characterization of Biden is disgusting. You should be ashamed."


Another user added, "Loser excuses locked and loaded."


The third commentator slammed, "Hannity is so weird."


"Sean Hannity should be held accountable for constantly lying to his viewers," one said.


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