'Don't cry': Stephen Colbert roasts Ron DeSantis after his withdrawal from GOP presidential race

'Smile because you need practice': Stephen Colbert roasts Ron DeSantis after his withdrawal from GOP presidential race
In the latest episode of 'The Late Show,' Stephen Colbert humorously addressed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' withdrawal from the GOP presidential race (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: In the latest episode of 'The Late Show' on Monday, Stephen Colbert aimed the recent withdrawal of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis from the GOP presidential primary race, infusing his commentary with his signature humor.

Colbert kicked off the jesting by noting DeSantis' failed political ambitions, quipping, "At least DeSantis doesn't have to worry about banning history books anymore, because he won't be in them."

Stephen Colbert takes a satirical swipe at Ron Desantis' misfortune

The comedian then extended mock sympathy to DeSantis, advising him to smile and practice, given his political misfortune, "Ron, don't cry because it's over. Smile because you need practice smiling."

Colbert sarcastically questioned why Americans didn't rally behind DeSantis, listing controversial actions such as declaring war on the Magic Kingdom, attacking transgender kids, denying Covid, and engaging in peculiar behaviors like kidnapping migrants and eating pudding with his fingers.

In a humorous aside, Colbert referred to finger pudding as a delicacy, punctuating it with a playful vomiting noise.

DeSantis' faux Churchill quote and the Budweiser ad blunder

The late-night host turned his attention to a video where DeSantis announced his decision, seizing the opportunity to poke fun at the governor's attributed Winston Churchill quote, "Churchill once remarked that Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts."

Colbert interjected after the clip, pointing out the misattribution: "Just one small problem: Churchill never said that. It's from an old Budweiser ad."

Colbert couldn't resist another playful reference, quipping, "Reminds me of that other famous Churchill quote: Wazzzzzzup."

He then characterized DeSantis' political journey as one of the most spectacular crash-and-burns in history: "At least DeSantis doesn't have to worry about banning history books anymore because he won't be in them."

Donald Trump's merciless mockery and Ron DeSantis' 'Tiny D' endorsement

Delving into recent campaign moments, Colbert highlighted DeSantis' history of being ruthlessly mocked by Donald Trump. The late-night host recapped the personal attacks Trump unleashed on DeSantis, ranging from allegations of partying with high school girls to accusations of voter fraud by his wife.

Colbert wryly observed, "Of course, after those kinds of assaults on your dignity, on your manhood, to your family, things so vicious you could never take back, naturally, when DeSantis dropped out he did what anyone with a shred of self-respect would do," followed by footage of DeSantis endorsing Trump.


Colbert cheekily concluded, "Oh, I get it. 'Tiny D.' Because he's got such a small... amount of dignity," accompanied by a visual gesture pinching his fingers together, playfully alluding to DeSantis' alleged lack of dignity.

Fans react to Ron Desantis' exit

Users on social media didn't hold back as they shared their thoughts on Ron DeSantis ending his presidential campaign.

One user wrote, "How can Pudding Ron justify terminating his presidential campaign. He should be forced to carry to full term. It did last more than six weeks after all."

Another added, "Of course when Trump accuses DeSantis of partying with highschool girls, it's the purest form of "every accusation is a confession."

One commented, "DeSantis quoting Bud Lite on the way out is such perfection… we think even Churchill would approve! 🇺🇸"

One replied, "DeSantis quoting Budweiser was no accident. Well done to the speechwriter (who was going to lose the job anyway)."

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