The-Dream knew about Beyonce's pregnancy before Jay-Z and pitted her against Rihanna, claims lawsuit

The-Dream knew about Beyonce's pregnancy before Jay-Z and pitted her against Rihanna, claims lawsuit
New lawsuit against The-Dream claims the music producer had a sanctuary relationship with Beyonce and pitted her against Rihanna (Getty Images, Instagram/@thekingdream)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: A lawsuit against The-Dream has brought to the fore alleged secrets of Beyonce and that her long-time music producer knew about one of the Grammy-winning singer’s pregnancies even before Jay-Z. 

In the lawsuit filed by Dutch musician Chanaaz Mangroe, the songwriter revealed that The-Dream claimed to have a “sanctuary” relationship with Queen Bey that was alleged "even stronger than a spousal connection." The music producer also allegedly told her about Beyonce’s rivalry with Rihanna.

Beyonce achieves first Number 1 on Country Songs chart (Beyonce/Instagram)
Beyonce allegedly had a sanctuary relationship with The-Dream (Beyonce/Instagram)

Lawsuit against The-Dream makes bombshell claims about Beyonce’s life

Mangroe previously sued the longtime musical partner and producer of the ‘Crazy in Love’ singer alleging that The-Dream raped and sexually assaulted her after promising him to make her the next Beyonce and Rihanna.

To earn her trust, the Sutch songwriter claimed, The-Dream used to spin tales about Beyonce. She accused him of using the ‘Halo’ singer’s name to exploit her. 

Per Radar Online, though The-Dream denied the allegations claiming they are "untrue" and "defamatory,” Mangrove claimed the 46-year-old music producer "regularly used the success he reached working with Beyonce to excuse his violent, coercive, and manipulative behavior."

Mangrove claimed in the court documents, "From the moment Dream began texting Ms Mangroe, he began regaling her with stories about how he helped create Beyonce and Rihanna and would do the same for her as long as she did everything he told her to do.”

"Dream told Ms Mangroe that in order to write songs for her, he needed to know everything about her, including everything that embarrassed her, upset her, angered her, and excited her – every single thought she had,” added the lawsuit.

She alleged that Dream reportedly claimed, "True songwriters and producers needed to operate in order to write the right song for each artist," and cited Beyonce’s example. 

He allegedly credited the “sanctuary” of a relationship he has with Beyonce to create magic with the career of Queen Bey. 

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Rihanna was pitted against Queen Bey (Getty Images)

Mangrove claimed Dream said that such a relationship "allowed him to know Beyonce in a way that others could not and, consequently, he could write the best songs for her."

She explained in the lawsuit that Dream told her that his relationship with the ‘Cuff It’ songstress was "even stronger than a spousal connection because it was about 'art'" and required her "to disclose all of her secrets and thoughts and become 'trust partners' with him." 

He purportedly divulged that they were "so close that he knew about Beyonce’s pregnancy before her husband, Jay-Z."

The lawsuit mentions Beyonce's alleged rivalry with Rihanna

Mangroe, in her lawsuit, further claimed that the music producer "frequently pitted Rihanna against Beyonce," implying the Barbadian singer "was fighting for his attention and was frustrated that he was giving it to Beyonce instead of her."

The lawsuit claimed, "He said that Rihanna was begging him for good records but because of his special 'sanctuary' relationship with Beyonce, he saved them for Beyonce and that Ms Mangroe could be part of that as well.”

"According to Dream, Rihanna was possessive over him and got angry when he worked with Beyonce. In an apparent effort to reiterate how grateful Ms Mangroe should be for the opportunity to work with him, Dream told her that Rihanna would frequently send him flowers and other gifts,” added the lawsuit filed on Tuesday, June 4. 

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