The Pretty Reckless' Taylor Momsen gets rabies shot after being attacked by bat onstage

The Pretty Reckless' Taylor Momsen gets rabies shot after being attacked by bat onstage
Despite the surprise interruption, Taylor Momsen didn't miss a beat (Getty Images, @taylormomsen/Instagram)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORIA: During a recent performance with her band 'The Pretty Reckless' in Seville, Spain, Taylor Momsen had an unexpected visitor, a bat.

While belting out their hit song 'Witches Burn,' Momsen felt a flutter on her leg, only to discover that a bat had landed on her mid-song. The incident, captured on video and shared on social media, quickly went viral, with fans praising Momsen's cool-headed reaction.

Taylor Momsen attacked by bat on stage

Despite the surprise interruption, Momsen didn't miss a beat.

With the bat clinging to her leg, she continued performing, much to the amazement of the crowd. Following the show, Momsen shared her experience on Instagram, revealing that the bat had bitten her, requiring her to undergo rabies shots for the next two weeks.

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“So… ROCK AND ROLL MOMENT…in Sevilla Wednesday during ‘Witches Burn’ of all songs… a BAT 🦇 🦇 flew onto me and clung to my leg…in the moment I was performing and had no idea until the incredible crowd kept screaming and pointing,” she captioned a post on Instagram on Friday, May 31.

Taylor Momsen, lead singer of The Pretty Reckless, maintained her trademark humor, dubbing herself "#batgirl" and assuring fans that she's okay.

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“Thanks to all the staff at the hospital who dubbed me #batgirl after seeing it on the local news that morning…more footage to come…that’s one for the books!!!!” she concluded her post.

'Gossip Girl' alum shared videos and zoomed-in photos of the bat on her leg, as well as footage from her hospital stay.

“You guys are pointing at something and I don’t know what you're saying,” she says from the stage in the video. “There’s a f*****g flying bat on my leg right now. Can someone help me please? Eeek!! I must really be a witch.”

At that point, several crew members came on stage to assist her, prompting her to reassure the crowd, "It’s alright, and the bat’s fine. He’s gonna be my new friend."

Later, she posted another video to her page to further explain the situation.

“#BATGIRL Part 2 #ACDC #PWRUP Tour #WitchesBurn,” she captioned the second clip, which showed her walking around backstage, likely before seeking medical attention.

“I really don’t want a rabies shot. He scared the s**t outta me, but he wanted to be my friend,” Momson said about the bat in her video. “All the fans were trying to tell me, pointing at something, and I had no idea what they were saying. I thought I’d lost a bracelet or something... maybe a tampon? That’s happened before,” she added, trying to guess why the crowd was pointing.

Momsen formed 'The Pretty Reckless' in 2009, and the band dropped their fourth and latest album, 'Death by Rock and Roll,' in 2021. Following that, in 2022, they came out with 'Other Worlds,' an album that includes acoustic tracks, covers, and additional material.

Fans rally behind Taylor Momsen after bat bite incident during performance

INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 16: Taylor Momsen  performs at I Am The Highway: A Tribute to Chris
Fans quickly took to social media to express their support and admiration for Taylor Momsen (Getty Images)

Taylor Momsen's recent bat bite incident during a performance in Seville, Spain, has generated fans' outpouring of support and admiration. The rocker performing with her band 'The Pretty Reckless' continued her set despite the unexpected encounter, earning praise for her resilience.

One user humorously exclaimed, "Now THAT’s Batass!" capturing the spirit of the incident.

Another fan praised her handling of the situation, writing, "You're a trooper, Taylor. We're proud of you for dealing with it well."

The rock and roll community celebrated the moment, with one user declaring, "That’s metal as fuck!"

This sentiment was echoed by another fan who drew a parallel with a legendary rocker, "2 of my favorite singers of all time have incidents .. OZZY who bit the bat & Taylor bitten by a bat. It’s all just Rock n roll."

The incident also sparked lighthearted commentary, with one fan quipping, "Luckiest bat ever! Flew away saying, ‘thank god that wasn’t Ozzy!’"

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