'Shooting own team': Trump ripped after his camp sends Bob Good cease-and-desist on using ex-prez's name, image to boost re-election bid

'Shooting own team': Trump ripped after his camp sends Bob Good cease-and-desist on using ex-prez's name, image to boost re-election bid
Donald Trump's campaign demanded Rep Bob Good stop using the White House hopeful's identity for his re-election bid (Getty Images, Congressman Bob Good/Facebook)

WASHINGTON, DC: Donald Trump's campaign demanded Republican Rep Bob Good to stop using the former president's name and image for his re-election bid.

On Friday, May 31, the 45th president's campaign sent a cease-and-desist letter to the congressman from Virginia for continuing to use the former's identity despite his endorsement of Good's opponent, state Sen John McGuire, according to NBC News.

The cease-and-desist letter came after Trump's legal team learned about yard signs with the GOP presumptive nominee's name on top of the lawmaker's at Virginia's 5th Congressional District.

NEWARK, NEW JERSEY - JUNE 01: Former U.S. President Donald Trump attends UFC 302 at Prudential Center on June 01, 2024 in Newark, New Jersey. (Photo by Luke Hales/Getty Images)
Former President Donald Trump's name was present on Rep Bob Good's yard signs (Luke Hales/Getty Images)

"Neither you nor your campaign are authorized to use President Trump's name or the Campaign's to falsely imply their support of your candidacy. Nor are you or your campaign authorized to claim that you represent or are otherwise associated with President Trump," attorney David Warrington wrote in the letter.

Donald Trump's campaign criticizes Bob Good for making 'false statements'

The letter reminded Good that Trump endorsed his opponent, and it was "false" to imply that he had the ex-president's support.

"Producing and displaying materials that give the false impression that President Trump is supportive of your candidacy is a fraud on the voters of Virginia's 5th Congressional District. It is an abuse of the voters' trust to make such false statements," Warrington's letter read.

On May 28, Trump announced his endorsement to the incumbent's primary challenger, McGuire, days after Good traveled to New York to express his support amid the hush money trial.

Donald Trump endorsed John McGuire for the 2024 congressional bid over Rep Boob Good (mcguireva.com)
Donald Trump endorsed John McGuire for the 2024 congressional bid over Rep Boob Good (mcguireva.com)

The White House hopeful also took a swipe at the Virginia congressman due to his earlier endorsement of Ron DeSantis during the presidential primary.

"Bob Good is BAD FOR VIRGINIA, AND BAD FOR THE USA," Trump's recent Truth Social post read further accusing Good of turning his back and constantly fighting him.


Besides yard signs, his campaign website had an image of Trump in early May, as per an Internet Archive snapshot. The website header 'Endorsements: Who's Supporting Bob' contained the former president's image; however, whether the photo was from 2022 is unclear.

Good, who assumed office in January 2021, seeks his third term in the House of Representatives in the November election. Besides, he is currently the chair of the House Freedom Caucus.

Internet slams Donald Trump for sending cease-and-desist letter to Bob Good

Netizens spewed harsh criticisms against Trump for demanding Good to stop using his identity for a congressional re-election bid.

One user commented on Facebook, "Trump, showing his dictatorship skills again!" Another remarked, "Trump has obviously lost what’s left of his feeble mind. It’s scary."

"Trump is worried about someone else commiting fraud? Hey Pot, meet Kettle," a user added.

One response read, "From the orange guy who uses music at his cult rallies thats unauthorized by the artist....guy is truly a trip."

Another person remarked, "The petulant and petty trump strikes again."

"It’s hard to take Trump seriously when he is actively trying to destroy the man who stood by him during his NY court case AND voted with him of the time. Trump is shooting at our own team," someone else wrote on X.

An individual asserted, "Keep in mind that Trump's scumbag campaign is still doing this even after his 34 convictions. Can't even let up one day."

Another user said, "This right here is another reason why Trump will never get my vote, even after a terrible conviction. He is consistently trying to take out some of our best leaders and we have very few to spare."




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