'Trust no one': Texas couple shares grim warning after losing house to homeless squatter

'Trust no one': Texas couple shares grim warning after losing house to homeless squatter
Yudith Matthews and Abram Mendez opened up about their San Antonio property being taken over by squatter (Fox News)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: 'Fox & Friends' co-host Ainsley Earhardt was joined by Texas couple Yudith Matthews and Abram Mendez on the April 4 episode of the show. The pair opened up about their experience after being allegedly abused by a squatter out of their property. 

Despite being fired, the contractor—whom the couple had hired to repair the tiles in their San Antonio home—has refused to leave. The couple, for whom the situation has turned into a legal nightmare claim they did not receive assistance from the police. "We don't have any protection. There's legislators that are out there, such as Governor DeSantis, who are making headway, but we need more headway across America to protect us, the homeowners, because there's very little. It's really a gimmick, I think, for the municipalities across America to make money," said Mendez on the show.


Yudith Matthews and Abram Mendez say contractor 'abused their trust' 

Yudith and Abram claim the contractor asked to remain on-site for as long as it would take to do the work. They drafted a contract that he voluntarily signed on camera once they came to an agreement. However, the couple claims that the contractor stole Mendez's phone and deleted the video evidence. 

The job was expected to take a few weeks, but as the contractor kept making excuses, he was fired. Even then, he refused to leave the property.

"He must be homeless. He never, never even worked in the restroom," stated Mendez. "The first few days, he was complaining of his gout. Then after I was trying to get a work schedule from him, he would just give me runarounds."

"Little by little showing that… it was a room. It was the house that he wanted all along. With our trust he abused us," the couple said. 

Cops dismissed Yudith Matthews and Abram Mendez's pleas as a 'trespassing matter' 

The constable's office and the police department failed to come to the aid of Mendez and Matthews, as they shared, "They (constable's office) explained to us the rights to tell to the police, that is a trespassing matter," Mendez said. "We explained the law, the letter, and how to enforce it, and yet the police did not want to do anything."

The couple has had further confrontations with the squatter, who they claimed had done almost $2,000 worth of damage to their property throughout the entirety of the process.

"He kicked in a door to get access to a bathroom... broke windows. He illegally tapped into electricity. We called code compliance to try to get him to get out," mentioned Mendez, adding that they had spent hundreds of dollars just to initiate the eviction process, which he felt was a ploy for cities to make more money.

"Trust no one. There's not very much silver lining to this."


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