UAW president Shawn Fain who backed Biden slammed as he faces probe over retaliation allegations, Internet says ‘unions are cancer’

UAW president Shawn Fain who backed Biden slammed as he faces probe over retaliation allegations, Internet says ‘unions are cancer’
Shawn Fain had earlier doubled down on his support for Joe Biden (, Getty Images)

DETROIT, MICHIGAN: United Auto Workers (UAW) president Shawn Fain, who has backed President Joe Biden, is facing a probe following accusation of retaliation against other union leaders.

A federal court-appointed monitor Neil Barofsky is investigating whether Fain misused his position, resulting in the potential violation of a 2020 consent decree between the UAW and the US Department of Justice, as reported by CNBC.

Federal court-appointed monitor struggles to find relevant information

Barofsky has also accused union leaders, including Fain, of delaying the process by not producing requested documents on time.

According to a court filing submitted on Monday, June 10, “The Monitor has attempted for months to garner the Union’s cooperation in gathering the information needed to conduct a full investigation, but the Union has effectively slow-rolled the Monitor’s access to requested documents.”

"The union’s delay of relevant documents is obstructing and interfering with his access to information needed for his investigative work, and, if left unaddressed, is an apparent violation of the Consent Decree,” the filing added.

Secretary-Treasurer accuses Shawn Fain of 'improperly' taking away her responsibilities

The court filing says Barofsky’s concerns largely began in February, after the monitor began investigating current members, including the president, secretary-treasurer, and one of the union’s regional directors.

The official documents include a complaint by secretary-treasurer Margaret Mock, whose responsibilities were taken away from her after alleged misconduct.

But Mock fired back and the filing stated that she “lodged allegations of her own against the Union’s President that, among other things, the charges against her were false, and that the removal of her authority was improperly instigated in retaliation for her refusal or reluctance to authorize certain expenditures".

Shawn Fain claims his innocence

Meanwhile, Fain also shared a statement on Monday, June 10, amid the probe.

He reportedly said, “Taking our union in a new direction means sometimes you have to rock the boat, and that upsets some people who want to keep the status quo, but our membership expects better and deserves better than the old business as usual.”

He continued, “We encourage the Monitor to investigate whatever claims are brought to their office because we know what they’ll find: a UAW leadership committed to serving the membership, and running a democratic union.”

“We’re staying focused on winning record contracts, growing our union, and fighting for economic and social justice on and off the job,” Fain added.

Internet reacts to probe against UAW president

Many people have reacted to the probe against Fain.

One X user tweeted, “Everything democrat, including unions, is destroying America.”


Another user wrote, “Unions are cancer.”


“They are all criminals,” the third one stated.


The fourth user alleged, “Everyone knows the UAW is corrupted and Fain is as well. He uses coercion and thuggery to drive up wages and therefore prices we pay.”


An individual on Facebook commented, “He signed the UAW up to vote for Biden 😂😂😂didn’t he get enough $$$ for that …… come on Man … how greedy can you be? Learned from the experts 👍🏻.”

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