‘She is so unpopular’: Kamala Harris mocked as she defends ‘fighter’ Biden and takes swipe at Trump in Las Vegas rally

‘She is so unpopular’: Kamala Harris mocked as she defends ‘fighter’ Biden and takes swipe at Trump in Las Vegas rally
Vice President Kamala Harris showed her support for Joe Biden and slammed Donald Trump during a rally in Las Vegas, Nevada (Getty Images)

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA: Vice President Kamala Harris recently sought to quell discussions about her potentially replacing President Joe Biden on the 2024 Democratic ticket.

During a rally in Las Vegas, she carefully avoided addressing the growing concerns about Biden's fitness for office following his poor debate performance against Donald Trump on June 27.

President Biden's ability to lead has been questioned intensively over the past two weeks due to his lackluster debate performance. This has led to speculation about Harris stepping up as the Democratic candidate if Biden withdraws from the race.

Despite these discussions, Harris remains steadfast in her support for Biden, emphasizing her role as his running mate.

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Kamala Harris remained steadfast in her support for Joe Biden despite calls within the Democratic Party for the President to drop out of the 2024 race (Getty Images)

Kamala Harris avoids the elephant in the room

During her 16-minute speech at the swing-state campaign event on Tuesday, July 9, Harris acknowledged the challenges of the upcoming election.

"Now we always knew this election would be tough – and the past few days have been a reminder that running for President of the United States is never easy," Harris stated.

She praised Biden's resilience, adding, "But the one thing we know about our President, Joe Biden, is that he is a fighter. And he is the first to say when you get knocked down you get back up. We all know – many of us know what that is. So we continue to fight and we will continue to organize and in November we will win."

Harris notably avoided mentioning Biden's debate performance or the internal dissent within the Democratic Party. She also did not address the calls for her to lead the ticket. Instead, her remarks focused on unity and support for Biden.

The rally, held to launch the Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders for Biden group, saw Harris move on to campaign events in Texas and North Carolina, stressing her dedication to the Biden-Harris campaign.


Following her appearance in Las Vegas, Harris' schedule includes an event in Texas on Wednesday and a return to the East Coast for a campaign stop in North Carolina on Thursday. Over the weekend, she is set to host another AANHPI event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Vice President is deeply involved in rallying support across key swing states.

Harris received a warm welcome from the predominantly AANHPI crowd in Las Vegas, with chants of "four more years" and "Let's dump Trump." As the first female vice president and a member of the Asian American community herself, Harris potentially resonates with many in this demographic.

During her speech, she underscored the importance of the upcoming election.

"We are 118 days out from the election. And while many of us have been involved with these elections every four years and nearly every time we say, 'this is the one.' Well, this here is the one. This is the one," she said. "The most existential, consequential, and important election of our lifetime."

Rather than focusing solely on bolstering confidence in Biden, Harris took the opportunity to criticize Donald Trump’s record. She highlighted the Supreme Court's restrictions on abortion rights following Trump's appointment of three conservative justices and pointed to Trump's legal troubles, including 34 felony counts and four pending criminal trials.

Attendees at the rally, interviewed by the Daily Mail, voiced their continued support for Biden at the top of the ticket but also indicated a willingness to back Harris if she becomes the nominee.

Internet reacts to Kamala Harris' comments at Las Vegas rally 

That said, Harris’ speech attracted a wave of criticism online.

"She is so unpopular that needs to use him as a cover," one Daily Mail reader posted in the comments section.

"That’s why as a conservative I say “BIDEN 2024.” Best thing for America IMO is to let them run again and vote them into the dustbin of history," another offered.

"We don't need a DEI President. A vote for Joe is a vote for Kamala," read a comment.

"There were 30 people in the crowd," someone else quipped.

"The cackling down on her knees hyena versus Joe. Let's just keep old Joe and watch Trump win November 2024," another chimed in.

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