Wynonna Judd didn't pay for daughter Grace Kelley's bail as she wants her to 'pull herself together'

Wynonna Judd didn't pay for daughter Grace Kelley's bail as she wants her to 'pull herself together'
Wynonna Judd showed daughter Grace Kelley tough love by not paying for her bail (Getty Images, Morgan County Sheriff's Office)

MORGAN COUNTY, ALABAMA: Country music icon Wynonna Judd’s daughter Grace Kelley was arrested on April 5 for three misdemeanors charges including soliciting prostitution, indecent exposure, and hindering governmental operations.

The ‘Love Can Build A Bridge’ singer, however, refused to pay for the bail of her 27-year-old daughter as she reportedly opted for a tough love attitude toward her daughter.

Kelley was arrested in Alabama after she allegedly “exposed her breasts and lower body” at the intersection between Interstate 65 and Highway 14 in Millbrook, and refused to identify herself to police.

According to insiders with direct knowledge of the situation, Judd took this approach as she hoped the jail timing would teach Kelley to introspect her choices and appreciate her life more, RadarOnline reported.

(Morgan County Sheriff's Office)
Grace Kelley was not bailed out by her mother (Morgan County Sheriff's Office)

Wynonna Judd showed a tough-love attitude toward Grace Kelley

An insider close to Judd recently shared with National Enquirer per RadarOnline, "She wanted to show Grace that by continuing to live a reckless and dangerous life, she's missing out on the greatest moments of being a mother to a sweet young daughter.”

The source added insight into the situation related to Judd’s daughter with her first husband Arch Kelley III, and shared that the country singer thinks "she needs to pull herself together.”

Prostitution charges against Grace Kelley have been dropped

During a recent court hearing on April 25, Kelley appeared in Millbrook Municipal Court where the prostitution charge was dropped. The indecent exposure charge was also lowered to the lesser offense of lewd conduct, as per Daily Mail. 

Judd’s daughter, however, admitted to the charges of indecent conduct and impeding government operations during the hearing at Judge Bradley Ekdahl's court.

While Kelley did not need to register as a sexual offender, she was ordered to pay a $500 fine and 90 days in jail with 30 days suspended for the charges. She was ordered to spend the final 39 days of her 60-day sentence and was given credit for time already spent in jail. 

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Wynonna Judd showed a tough love attitude towards her daughter (Getty Images)

Following the hearing, Kelley owes the court a total of $1,122 including court expenses and fines.

The singer was remarkably absent from her daughter’s hearing. Kelley’s attorney David Musgrove told Fox News Digital that "the family would like to deal with the situation privately."

He continued, "The most serious charges against my client were dismissed. The judge was fair with her, and she comported herself well in the courtroom and was polite and respectful with the judge and with the police officers."

Grace Kelley shared her mother blocked her number

Even Kelley corroborated with the insider's theory as she shared with New York Post from jail, "I think she’s blocked my number," before adding, "My mom, she thinks I’m on drugs, right? She wants me to go to rehab. “

She continued, “But when I came to jail, I took a drug test, and I passed it. I’m not on drugs. My mom won’t listen to me, she won’t believe me. She thinks I’m out here doing crazy s**t."

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