Bernie Sanders accuses Trump of 'demagoguery' for not going after the rich, Internet drags Joe Biden instead

Bernie Sanders accuses Trump of 'demagoguery' for not going after the rich, Internet drags Joe Biden instead
Bernie Sanders says Donald Trump does not have the guts to take on the rich and the powerful (Getty Images)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Senator Bernie Sanders took to the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) to share a clip from his podcast where he accuses Donald Trump and the Republican Party of practicing "Demagoguery 101," on Friday, March 29.

However, the internet reminded Sanders that the same was true for the Democratic Party and President Joe Biden, who were not willing to "take on the rich and powerful" either.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - FEBRUARY 15: Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) speaks
Bernie Sanders accused Donald Trump of practicing 'demagoguery' (Getty Images)

Bernie Sanders says Donald Trump will never take on the 'rich and powerful'

In the clip posted through his personal X account, Sanders says, "Trump and his friends will never have the guts of taking on the big money interests. That's not what they do."

"And this is, you know, it's not just Trump and what Republicans do today. This is Demagoguery 101..." he continues, as another person observes that it "goes back throughout the history of the country."

"Yeah ... Not only our country," picks up Sanders, "... the history of the world. You take a minority that is reasonably politically powerless and you beat up on them, but you never focus your attention on the people who have the wealth and the power because they're too dangerous. You can't deal with them."

"Trump is practicing Demagoguery 101. He’ll never take on the rich and powerful," he further wrote in his post, along with the link for the podcast episode.


(Getty Images)
Donald Trump was accused of not having the guts to take on 'big money interests' (Getty Images)

Internet slams Bernie Sanders for going after Trump 

In response to the Senator's claim that Trump would not take on the powerful and wealthy individuals, a user wrote, "Neither did Biden neither did Obama Clinton or any other useless American President."


"This is both party's, it is overdue we replace both with a 3rd new Green Party avoiding becoming the current (Haiti) today," expressed another.


"Name one politician who is willing to take on the rich and powerful. Biden already got his rich funding," stated a third.


"And you think Biden will? All of you politicians are harming your own citizens by not calling out yourselves and each other’s lack of self accountability. It’s a game to most of you, and to the others it’s a way to get rich off of insider information and trading stocks and options. I wish politicians had backbones, but folks in power seem to worry too much about how things look and worry too little about how things really are," commented a fourth.


"You are starting to sound like a desperate man. It’s very sad to watch you, once known for integrity and independence, become an apparatchik for powerful party politics," slammed a fifth.


"Biden is practicing genocide. He won’t even take on Netanyahu, much less the rich and powerful," jibed a sixth.


"Options would be nice," said a seventh user, sharing a meme trolling both Biden and Trump.


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