Biden slammed as he pledges to stay in race on 'Morning Joe', calls upon naysayers to challenge him at DNC

Biden slammed as he pledges to stay in race on 'Morning Joe', calls upon naysayers to challenge him at DNC
President Joe Biden phoned in on MSNBC show 'Morning Joe' to defend his reelection campaign on July 8, 2024 (Screengrab/MSNBC, Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, DC: President Joe Biden hit the campaign ground running on Monday, July 8, as he phoned in on MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' to defend his campaign amidst growing calls from within the Democratic party for him to step out of the presidential race.

Concerns have been increasing across the aisle over the incumbent's mental acuity to continue holding the top job for another term, following his abysmal performance in the first presidential debate against presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump on June 27.

However, Biden has clarified on multiple occasions that he plans to continue his reelection campaign, stating that voters have chosen him in the primaries.

What did Joe Biden say on 'Morning Joe'?

When host Joe Scarborough inquired about his message to concerned Democratic voters who believe losing to Trump is not an option, Biden replied, "I haven't lost. I beat him last time. I'll beat him this time."

He went on to slam Trump for excessively lying on the debate stage, and then "riding around Mar-a-Lago in his golf cart with his wealthy friends."

"I'm not running for these guys, Joe. I'm running because ... I never bought into this trickle-down economics, I never bought into the notion that we have to walk away from the rest of the world and cave to Putin or anybody else. I've never believed any of that and I'm confident that's who the American people are ... the average voter."


Biden also dared his critics within the Democratic Party, stating at one point, "I’m getting so frustrated by the elites in the party. ... They know so much more. If any of these guys don’t think I should run, run against me. Go ahead. Announce for president — challenge me at the convention!”

Claiming to be unbothered when given a list of prominent Democrats who are calling on him to leave the race, Biden added, "I don’t think what those big names think. They were wrong in 2020. They were wrong in 2022 about the red wave. They’re wrong in 2024. I am not letting up."


Media commentators criticize Joe Biden's call to 'Morning Joe'

The incumbent was called out by several media commentators over his interview on the social media platform X, as the following tweets demonstrate.

"Overall takeaway: He is absolutely DARING the party to try to get rid of him. Positively Trumpian about his crowd sizes -- and what that means. Defiant bordering on arrogant," wrote political commentator and ex-CNNer Chris Cillizza.


"Energy is great! Sounds strong! Love that part. Message absolutely sucks - angry, defensive, lashing out at all the wrong people. Just please, please talk about voter concerns, how you'll address them, and how Trump will make them worse. That's all!" pointed out former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau.


"The basic dynamic: Biden has not made much progress since the debate convincing Democrats he's up to the job of beating Trump, but he's made progress in telegraphing to them it will be a murder-suicide if they try to take the nomination and fail," added Semafor reporter Benjy Sarlin.


"Because letting your boss call into a cable TV show, hiding his face and possibly a stack of talking points and whiteboard full of answers, is certainly a choice that will quell the concerns of the American people," mocked former press secretary for Nikki Haley's presidential campaign, Ken Farnaso.


"Look, I’m not a political consultant, but I’m thinking that Biden screaming on Morning Joe isn’t going to soothe any souls about his condition. How easily he’s angered is a symptom of his condition," RedState writer Bonchie posted.


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