Cher labeled ‘terrible mother’ by sons as singer involved in financial battle with Elijah Blue Allman

Cher called ‘hypocrite and terrible mother’ by her sons as singer involved in financial battle with Elijah Blue Allman
Cher has been slammed by her sons, Chaz Bono and Elijah Blue Allman (Getty Images, @therealchazbono/Instagram)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Both of Cher’s sons, Elijah Blue Allman and his half-brother Chaz Bono have reportedly joined forces against her following her conservatorship filing for her younger son, Elijah.

The 77-year-old singer had Chaz Bono, born Chastity, with her first husband Sonny Bono.

She welcomed Elijah with her second husband, Gregg Allman.

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Chaz and Elijah Blue Allman find Cher ‘horrible influence’

Insiders have spilled that Chaz and Elijah both believed that their actress mother is using her $360 million to take charge of their lives, reported.

A mole shared, “Elijah and Chaz think she's a hypocrite and has no business controlling their lives when she can't even manage her own life.”

Elijah Blue Allman is worth $10 million (FrankTrapper/CorbisviaGettyImages)
Elijah Blue Allman is Cher's secondborn (FrankTrapper/CorbisviaGettyImages)

The tipster continued, “She was a terrible mother, they'll both attest to that. But Elijah perhaps felt the brunt of it. She shipped him off to boarding school when he was seven. He had no relationship with his father at that time and he felt shut out by his mom.”

The source also asserted that Cher “was a horrible influence. All she cared about was her career and men.”

Elijah Blue Allman believes Cher’s ‘out of her mind’

The insider referring to the conservatorship request filed by the ‘Burlesque’ star for her second son, reportedly said that “Now, Cher is desperate to put troubled Elijah under her control with a court-ordered conservatorship, claiming she wants to keep him from blowing his fortune his dad left him.”

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 16:  Cher attends the UK Premiere of
An insider claims Cher’s sons can “attest” to the fact that “she was a terrible mother” (Getty Images)

They continued, “What she wants is to control the money he gets from his late dad's trust. He thinks she's out of her mind.”

“He admits he has issues with addiction, but he just spent the last two months at rehab in Mexico,” the source added.

Cher’s elder son does not appreciate her interference in his life

Another insider has reportedly asserted that Cher’s firstborn “doesn't appreciate how his mom has tried to meddle and micromanage his wedding plans,” with his fiancee, Shara Blue Mathes.

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The mole stated, “He reasons if Cher doesn't have anything nice to say about Shara, then don't say anything at all.

“Cher has put her kids through half a century of drama, and now all they want is for her to go away. They don't want her meddling — and they don't want or need her money,” the source added.

‘Without her, there would be no you’

The latest shift of dynamics between Cher and her sons’ relationship has attracted people’s views online as one expressed on Facebook, “You mean her actual son and daughter who thinks she is a he. Leave them nothing, they can fend for themselves.”

Another user shared, “Without her, there would be no you.”

“Of course she is, she's a very old celebrity trying to look younger and stay relevant,” one user added.

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