'Continue to lie': Internet confused over Marjorie Taylor Greene's stance as FISA rule vote falls through in House

'Continue to lie': Internet confused over Marjorie Taylor Greene's stance as FISA rule vote falls through in House
Marjorie Taylor Greene voted for FISA procedural rule on Wednesday, April 10, 2024 (@RepMTG/X

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene shared a long rant over X (formerly Twitter) expressing her stance on the reauthorization of the surveillance law, FISA, and the rule vote to move forward on it that fell through, on Wednesday, April 10.

According to CNN, the defeat of the key vote on the House floor is a major embarrassment for GOP members and Speaker Mike Johnson, and was brought about by former President Donald Trump calling on Republicans to kill the controversial Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act reauthorization.

The House defeated the rule vote 193 to 228, with 19 Republicans bucking House GOP leadership and voting with Democrats to take down a rule to govern debate on the reauthorization bill as well as several other bills.

Marjorie Taylor Greene's tweet

"The rule to move forward on FISA was defeated. But FISA is alive and well," wrote the US Representative for Georgia on the social media platform. "We haven’t voted on the bill yet, and it’s likely we’ll see it under suspension (breaking the rules to pass it with Democrat support) sometime soon. It unfortunately has not been defeated. Speaker Johnson said in our conference meeting this afternoon that he will try to move forward on it tomorrow."

"Today’s rule would have allowed a vote on the Jordan amendment to force warrants on FISA surveillance. Which I support," she continued. "But I want to be clear, I will not support any version of FISA that doesn’t protect Americans from spying by our own government."

"I support Warren Davidson’s bill that would FULLY protect American citizens from spying and I urge Speaker Johnson to allow this as an amendment and any others to move forward in an OPEN RULE."

"The American people deserve transparency in this process. If we can’t protect our citizens from their own government, then FISA SHOULD DIE!" exclaimed Greene.


Internet reacts to Marjorie Taylor Greene's tweet

Netizens were confused with Greene supporting the rule vote on Wednesday, as the following tweets responding to her post demonstrate.

"I have no idea what this word salad means… I ask again, where’s your name on the list of patriots who voted No today re FISA issue?" asked a user.


"Why did you vote for it?" inquired another.


"You are a con artist. You need to be one of the first to get voted out. You screamed and yelled on various interviews about Johnson yet ….YOU VOTED YES??? How dare you sit here and continue to lie," slammed a third.


"Sounding like kamala now with circled words. You voted yes so.. You can't fix this now," wrote another.


"So confusing can you explain what is going on so we the people can comprehend?" asked a fifth user.


"I think a lot of people are thinking you actually voted yes to keep FISA. IDK I've honestly been so confused about what's going on lol.😂" mentioned a sixth.


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