Doja Cat announces her X account hacked after posts refer to Iggy Azalea as 'stupid b***h'

Doja Cat announces her X account hacked after posts refer to Iggy Azalea as 'stupid b****'
Doja Cat disclosed that her X account was 'hacked' after fellow rapper Iggy Azalea was targeted in the posts (Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Rapper Doja Cat alleged that her X (formerly Twitter) account was compromised following tweets that raised red flags, like berating Nicki Minaj, calling Iggy Azalea a "stupid b****," and flirting with Andrew Tate.

The 'Agora Hills' hitmaker, 28, posted a statement on her reactivated Instagram account: "My twitter's been hacked, these messages are not from me."

She had deactivated the account in March due to online bullying, per Daily Mail.

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Doja Cat is another celebrity whose X account got hacked

The Grammy winner sent out this statement on her Instagram Stories, following a tweet from her X that said, "f*** that stupid b**** @IGGYAZALEA and buy $DOJ."

Another disturbing post from the compromised account said, "where you at boo @NICKIMINAJ," criticizing another female artist.

Furthermore, Doja's account left a simple "hey boo" comment on a post made by controversial social media figure Andrew Tate.

"Buy $DOJA or else," read one of the many hacked tweets that included an image of the musician holding a knife while wearing a chainmail hood.

Rapper Doja Cat stated on Instagram Story that her X account was hacked (@dojacat/Instagram)
Rapper Doja Cat stated on Instagram Story that her X account was hacked (@dojacat/Instagram)

Iggy, on the other hand, immediately tweeted, "Get rugged if yall want but I’m cool w that girl irl so yall f***** up w that tweet hackers," seemingly unaffected by the purported diss.

The Australian rapper offered her thoughts on Doja Cat's social media mishap, saying, "They hacked Doja cat n have posted a sh**coin scam."

"Hackers on celeb girl accounts again making it about me cause I’m their fixation but they didn’t consider the fact that I may actually interact w ppl in real life and it’s not fitting into reality lol," Azalea added.


Doja Cat unexpectedly deactivated her Instagram account in March, telling her followers that it was because of the way she was "spoken to" and "treated" on the platform.

"Hey i'm gonna deactivate because im not really feeling this anymore. you guys take care of yourselves," the American rapper and singer said at the time.

Fans express their opinions on Doja Cat's account being hacked

It did not take long for the followers of Doja Cat and Iggy Azalea to offer their opinions, as one X user wrote, "That s**ks for her 4 real! Especially if she was trying to do it the right way!"

Another added: "There's a certain group abusing panel for the last few weeks and no one seems to care."

"I’m glad you didn’t take offense to that tweet," said another, referring to Iggy.

Another remarked, "Knew it wasn’t real, doja would’ve been cash app’d me by now."

"There's a special place in Hell for scammers..." seethed one.






Doja Cat becomes latest victim of cybercrime 

American rapper and singer Doja Cat is the most recent celebrity to have her X account compromised to promote a meme coin with a Solana origin.

She immediately clarified to her 24 million Instagram followers that she wasn't the source of the images.

The 'Kiss Me More' singer's compromised account began tweeting about cryptocurrencies on Monday, July 8, around 7.15 pm. Users were urged to "buy $DOJA or else" in the earlier posts, which gave a link to a holding address.

With almost 5.6 million followers, Doja Cat's account was compromised by a hacker who removed both her description and profile image after posting over two dozen times.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - AUGUST 30: Doja Cat, winner of the PUSH Best New Artist award, presented by Chi
Doja Cat becomes the latest victim of cybercrime to promote $DOJA crypto coin (Getty Images)

In comparison to earlier instances, the new $DOJA token—which is available on Raydium, the maker of the Solana market—saw comparatively little movement, according to blockchain records and market statistics, per Geo News.

This event is the most recent in a string of hacks that promote Solana-based meme currencies on celebrity social media profiles, usually those with tens of millions of followers.

A similar hoax was promoted by hacking into the X account of retired wrestling star Hulk Hogan in June. A week later, Metallica's account was hacked, and immediately after, rapper 50 Cent's account was infiltrated.

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