Donald Trump's hush money trial: Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal's ex-lawyer testifies, reveals a ‘blockbuster Trump story’

Donald Trump's hush money trial: Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal's ex-lawyer testifies, reveals a ‘blockbuster Trump story’
Keith Davidson, former lawyer for Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, testifies during Donald Trump's hush money trial (Getty Images, ABC News / Screenshot)

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK: In the ongoing hush money trial involving former president Donald Trump, a significant development occurred during the second week of testimony.

Stormy Daniels and ex-playboy model Karen McDougal’s lawyer, Keith Davidson, took the stand to reveal a ‘blockbuster Trump story.’

Keith Davidson opens up on his conversation with ex-National Enquirer chief executive editor Dylan Howard

Davidson explained to the jury how he entered into deals with the National Enquirer on behalf of his clients.

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In June 2016, he texted then-National Enquirer's editor-in-chief Dylan Howard, informing him of a "blockbuster Trump story."

This was described as a “sort of an entree or teaser to Dylan.” Howard replied, “Talk 1st thing. I will get you more than ANYONE for it. You know why….”

Howard continued to inquire whether Trump had cheated on his wife Melania. “Did he cheat on Melania?” and “Do you know if the affair was during his marriage to Melania?” he asked.

Keith Davidson's meeting with Dylan Howard

About a week later, the men met to discuss McDougal’s allegations of an affair with Trump.

Davidson said of the meeting, “McDougal alleged that she had a romantic affair with Donald Trump some years prior.”

When asked by prosecutor Steinglass if the term “romantic” included sexual, Davidson responded, “That’s what she expressed.”

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - OCTOBER 15:  Actress Karen McDougal arrives at the launch party to celebrate Di
Keith Davidson told the prosecutors that in a meeting with Dylan Howard, he told him of Karen McDougal's romantic affair with Donald Trump  (Getty Images)

Davidson originally asked for $1 million off the bat, plus $75,000 per year for the following two years as a fitness correspondent for American Media (AMI), which owned the Enquirer.

“I’ll take it to them but thinking it’s more hundreds than millions,” replied Howard, according to The Hill.

Davidson told the jury that, in negotiations, “I start high.” In response to Howard’s text, he suggested $800,000 off the bat and $100,000 per year for two years to total $1 million.

Why was the American Media deal more attractive than ABC? 

He confirmed that around the time of his meeting with Dylan Howard, he was also negotiating with ABC News about Karen McDougal’s story.

Davidson also testified about a regrettable text he sent, referring to the “estrogen mafia.”

He clarified that the phrase was not one he used or came up with, but was a term used by one of Karen’s associates at their first meeting.

He admitted to “trying to play two entities off of each other… to create a sense of urgency if you will.”

When asked by prosecutor Joshua Steinglass why the AMI deal was more attractive than ABC, Davidson said, “Because she at that time, at that time, based on nonprivileged information — she had announced her desire to not tell the story about her intimacy with Donald Trump.”

Internet reacts to the developments in Donald Trump's hush money trial

The trial continues to draw mixed reactions with some criticizing the prosecution and others defending it.

"Proving this was to cover up personal affair and not hurt Melania. This case is shit," wrote one user on X.

"Defense will move for directed verdict at conclusion. No evidence of crime. Sad performance by leftist DAs," the user added. "Total farce. Lawfare will fail," wrote one more.

"The prosecution is already losing steam. Now they are calling lawyers to explain non-crimes in which they participated and for which they have been granted immunity," wrote another.




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