'Fly on': Internet backs Taylor Swift as environmental campaigner Chris Packham urges singer to reconsider her 'traveling ways'

'Fly on': Internet backs Taylor Swift as environmental campaigner Chris Packham urges singer to reconsider her 'traveling ways'
Taylor Swift was urged by environmental campaigner Chris Packham to ditch her private planes (Getty Images, @chrisgpackham2/Instagram)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: It’s no secret that Taylor Swift loves to travel.

Chris Packham of BBC, however, is urging the pop diva to reconsider her ‘absurd’ use of private jets.

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Taylor Swift travels around the globe mostly on her two private planes (Getty Images)

Taylor Swift threatened to sue blogger Jack Sweeney

The BBC nature programs host and a devoted environmental campaigner reacted to Swift’s legal action against a social media blogger Jack Sweeney.

A university student from Florida, who shared her international jet usage, was sent a cease and desist letter, according to Daily Mirror.

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Sweeney calculated and posted that the ‘Karma’ crooner traveled 178,000 miles on two private planes in 2023.


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The blogger noted that Swift made a one-day round trip from Tokyo to Las Vegas and back in February to attend the Super Bowl final where his boyfriend Travis Kelce was playing.

Packham, in an interview with the outlet, said, "We know that private jets are the single greatest contributor when it comes to jet aviation fuel and the least efficient because they’re carrying one person."

"And so he called her out and she ­threatened to sue him. And I just thought, ‘You really missed the trick there, Taylor," Packham added.

“What you should have said is, ‘You’re right, times have moved on. I’ve got to change my practice. I’m going to sell my private jets’. And that would have been such a powerful thing for her to say to an audience. And I mean, her audience is primarily a young ­audience, isn’t it? I mean, you can’t say she’s responsible for climate breakdown. But she’s an icon. And as a consequence of that, she should be leading,” he continued.

Taylor Swift has resumed her record-breaking Eras tour and will be performing in Europe this weekend, including Lisbon, and Portugal.

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Internet backs Taylor Swift for using private planes

Netizens defend Taylor Swift over her choice of travel. 

One user commented, "Let the woman spends her money as she wants! The privet jet industries employ thousands of people!"

"To have Taylor Swift, and her team fly commercial poses an enormous security risk for other passengers, the planes crew, ANF to Taylors team," another supported. 

A user reasoned, "Sell your jets to someone else so they can do the same thing we don’t want you to do. Got it. That will save the environment. Not."

"I think that Taylor is a woman in love and distance can be conquered. She won’t always be flying one day trips. But right now she is trying to maintain a relationship between two people who are on different continents. So many things are polluting our planet. I think perhaps hanging the problem on Taylor is an overstatement," another defended Swift.

One wrote, "I feel that Taylor may use her jet whenever she needs it."

"Taylor Swift brings alot of joy and excitement to her fans including a huge financial boost for local economies. Fly on Taylor!" another quipped.

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