Fox News host shredded for comparing Justin Timberlake to Joe Biden while bashing singer over DWI arrest

Fox News host shredded for comparing Justin Timberlake to 'morally compromised' Biden while bashing singer over DWI arrest
Lisa Kennedy Montgomery invoked President Joe Biden while criticizing Justin Timberlake (Getty Images/Fox News)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Fox News host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery delivered a scathing critique of Justin Timberlake and President Joe Biden in light of the former's recent DWI arrest in Sag Harbor, New York.

On the Wednesday, June 19 episode of 'Outnumbered', Kennedy along with her co-hosts, lambasted Timberlake over his supposed response to the arrest, which included complaining that it would spoil his tour and that he apparently claimed to have consumed only one martini, as per Mediaite

The hosts further noted that a witness told The New York Post that the musician downed another person’s drink before his arrest on Tuesday.

Timberlake, who refused to take a breathalyzer test multiple times, has a virtual court appearance set for July.

Justin Timberlake mugshot (Sag Harbor PD)
Justin Timberlake was arrested on June 18  in New York for driving while intoxicated (Sag Harbor PD)

Lisa Kennedy Montgomery invokes President Joe Biden as she blasts Justin Timberlake

Reflecting on footage preceding Timberlake's arrest, Harris Faulkner expressed concern, saying, "The guy could hurt somebody."

Emily Compagno focused on the implications of Timberlake's "tour" comment, highlighting the disparity in consequences for DUI arrests between celebrities and ordinary citizens. She noted, "It matters how you handle it in the moment because your true colors shine through."

Meanwhile, Kennedy criticized Timberlake's entourage for failing to intervene and arrange for a safe ride home, remarking, "There are so many sycophants and hangers-on around him... none of them stopped him? None of them offered to get him an Uber? Or a stretch Hummer? Or a rickshaw? Literally anything."

She then invoked Biden, labeling Timberlake as "morally compromised" and adding, "I don’t even care what else was in his system, he was impaired. We’ve all done that game where you drink other people’s drinks. It’s called playing homeless, at least that’s what we called it back in college."

WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 02: U.S. President Joe Biden speaks during an event in the South Court Auditor
President Joe Biden's age and mental fitness have been under scrutiny since he announced his reelection bid (Getty Images)

Former Texas land commissioner George P Bush weighed in, suggesting that Timberlake could use the incident to raise awareness about the dangers of intoxicated driving.

He noted, "I think it’s an opportunity as a celebrity to speak up on the issue and say, ‘Hey, I did the wrong thing here, and I want to raise awareness about the harms of intoxicated driving'. Accept responsibility instead of shifting."

New details have emerged regarding Timberlake's arrest. He apparently failed to stop at a red light, swerved, and could not stay in his lane while driving his BMW through the village. According to court documents, the singer's eyes were "bloodshot and glassy."

In a separate incident, a video of Biden allegedly freezing on stage during a Los Angeles fundraiser went viral on social media, raising questions about his mental acuity.

However, attendees and members of his administration denied the claims, saying the president simply paused to take in cheers and applause as he left a sit-down with Barack Obama and comedian Jimmy Kimmel. 

Internet reacts to Lisa Kennedy Montgomery likening Justin Timberlake to President Joe Biden

Netizens were conflicted as the Fox News host compared Timberlake and Biden amid the former's DWI arrest. 

One wrote, "Hmmmm, Timberlake's behavior was exactly the same as Matt Gaetz's when he was arrested for DUI. Are you going to condemn Gaetz, too? I didn't think so!" and another said, "Wait, is FOX INFOTINAMENT actually talking about morals??? The same network that admitted that they lie to their viewers, and have admitted in court that you shouldn't take ANYTHING they say as fact? LMFAO!!!!!"

Another user wrote, "These people are insane. Timberlake getting a DUI makes him like Biden? Biden Derangement Syndrome."

"Timberlake is still cool, Kennedy wee t from MTV to Fox😂😂😂," joked a person, while one more added, "Weird how they didn't toss Trump's name in the mix since they are talking about people being morally compromised. Among sensible people he would be the first person to come to mind. He's the prototype of immorality."

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