'I didn’t want to do this': Kevin Costner opens up about his first and only encounter with cocaine

'I didn’t want to do this': Kevin Costner opens up about his first and only encounter with cocaine
Kevin Costner opened up about the time he tried cocaine (Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Kevin Costner recently shared his first experiences of trying coke when he was struggling to make it big in Hollywood. 

Costner recently appeared on Dax Shepard’s ‘Armchair Expert’ podcast, where he recounted his first and probably only experience of trying substance.

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Kevin Costner opened up about a substance he tried (Getty Images)

Kevin Costner opens up about his cocaine experience

Costner mentioned that while working as a stage manager at Raleigh Studios in Los Angeles, he assisted in creating low-budget commercial projects.

When the studio received a project with a slightly higher budget, a team of electricians came to fit the stage with modern wiring, per Us Weekly.

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Costner recalled, “The electricians came over like rock stars,” before adding, “They were prepping it, strong like [Dax], you know, the whole thing. They were there for three weeks just stringing cable and then sets were being built.”

He shared that at that time, he used to work for various departments and helped the employees. Costner added, “Whenever they needed something, I got it for them.” Because of his incessant support, the electricians decided to thank him by offering a “little line of coke.”

The 'Horizon' star recalled, “At one point, they take me back into the grip room and say, ‘Here,’ and they put out a little line of coke. And they say, like, ‘Thank you for all the s–t you’re doing for us.’”

In his attempt to fit into the group, the ‘Yellowstone’ star decided to give it a try. But after a few puffs, he realized that it didn’t suit him. 

“So, I do that and nothing, and I do it a second time and I do it a third time,” Costner said. 

“And finally I said to them, ‘Hey, look, how much is that?’ And he says, ‘That’s about $20 right there,’ and I said, ‘Can I say something to you?’ And he says, ‘Yeah, f**k, of course, man, what?’ And I said, ‘Look, I’m trying to buy my first house,’ and I said, ‘If you think what I’m doing’s cool, I could use $20. I could take a twenty,’” the ‘Field of Dreams’ star recalled saying the electricians. 

Unsurprisingly, his friendship with them suffered a severe blow when the Oscar winner confessed, "And I was out of the club immediately."

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Kevin Costner did not like Coke (Getty Images)

Though Costner’s friendship with the group went astray, the ‘Dances With Wolves’ star did not have any regret. 

He revealed, “I saw myself excluded because I didn’t want to do this,” and noted, “It was kind of lucky for me that I didn’t like coke. There was nothing there for me.”

Kevin Costner talks about 'Yellowstone'

Kevin Costner also provided insights into his signing the ‘Yellowstone.' He shared the reason why he signed the Western epic despite knowing it wouldn’t continue for more than three seasons, per OK! Magazine.

Costner revealed, "I just believed in the world," and explained, "I knew it was a soap opera. I knew we should all be in jail. We've all killed people there and so you throw logic out the window, right, a little bit."

Despite the rumor of the father-of-seven’s reported feud with showrunner Tayler Sheridan, the 69-year-old actor praised the ‘Yellowstone’ maker wholeheartedly. 

He shared, "He has a great ear and he just wrote that stuff really authentically and it was good fun and he wrote my part especially well and Kelly [Reilly]'s part, so listen, I had a lot of fun with it.”

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