'Buying off college kids': Internet slams Joe Biden as President announces new student debt relief plan in Wisconsin

'Buying off college kids': Internet slams Joe Biden as President announces new student debt relief plan in Wisconsin
Joe Biden announced a new student debt relief plan in Wisconsin on April 8, 2024 (@POTUS/X)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: President Joe Biden announced a major move to help pay off federal student loans for tens of millions of Americans during his visit to the swing state of Wisconsin on Monday, April 8.

According to The New York Times, the new plan would reduce the debt of 25 million borrowers, while wiping away the entire amount for more than 4 million. Collectively, 10 million borrowers would see debt relief of $5,000 or more, shared White House officials.

Speaking to a small but enthusiastic audience in Madison, Biden said, “While a college degree still is a ticket to the middle class, that ticket is becoming much too expensive. Today, too many Americans, especially young people, are saddled with too much debt.”

The President said that the plan would help the economy by removing the drag of enormous debt from people who would otherwise not be able to buy a home or pursue a more economically sound future.

"We’re giving people a chance to make it. Not a guarantee. Just a chance to make it," Biden said.


Joe Biden's new approach to student loan relief

The Education Department under Joe Biden has been developing regulations authorized by the Higher Education Act for months. Instead of waiving student loan debt for all, the plan targets five groups of borrowers.

The groups include those whose loans have ballooned because of interest, borrowers who have been paying for decades, borrowers who face economic hardship, people who have not applied for existing debt relief programs but are qualified, and people whose loans come from schools that have since been denied certification or have lost eligibility for federal student aid programs.

Administrative officials are confident that the program has been designed to not violate any principles laid out by Supreme Court justices. However, those who oppose are likely to point out that debt waiver is unfair to those who have paid back the entirety of their loans already, or never took one in the first place.

Internet slams Joe Biden's new student debt relief plan

After President Joe Biden unveiled his new student debt relief plan, some people on the internet accused him of "trying to buy" college students.

"Cancel is a weird way to spell transfer," a social media user wrote in response to Biden sharing the announcement on X.


"How to buy votes 101," jibed another.


"Importing illegal future voters, buying off college kids. What a loser," one person said.


"Has not solved the root cause. So we relieve another 30 million (give it to the rest of us) . What about the next 30 million," asked another.


"Democrats never met a handout they didn’t like," one individual wrote.


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