Internet outraged as 'America's Worst Mayor' faces new lawsuit for firing employee over scheme refusal

Internet outraged as 'America's Worst Mayor' faces new lawsuit for firing employee over scheme refusal
Mayor Tiffany Henyard has been sued by former maintenance manager Dwayne Thrash (Mayor Tiffany Henyard/Linkedln)

DOLTON, ILLINOIS: Tiffany Henyard, infamously dubbed 'America's Worst Mayor,' has been hit with a new lawsuit following allegations from a former employee who claims he was terminated for refusing to participate in one of her scheme.

Dwayne Thrash, 63, a former maintenance manager in Dolton, Illinois, where Henyard serves as mayor, filed the lawsuit last week.

(Village of Dolton)
A close ally of the embattled mayor approached Dwayne Thrash in 2023 with a plan to replace the school board's attorney with his personal law firm (Village of Dolton)

Ex-employee claims retaliation after refusing Mayor Tiffany Henyard alleged scheme

Thrash alleges that in 2023, a close ally of Henyard approached him with a proposal to replace the school board's attorney with a law firm favored by the mayor. After Thrash refused to support the plan, he was abruptly fired while on approved vacation for 'unsatisfactory work performance' and 'insubordination,' according to the lawsuit, per Daily Mail.

The legal filing demands that the city remove any mention of Thrash's inadequate work performance from his record and compensate him for his sudden termination.

This lawsuit adds to the mounting legal challenges against Henyard, who received two federal subpoenas last month related to her alleged excessive spending habits.

According to the lawsuit, Thrash's refusal to participate in the scheme led to his termination. The ally, who has not been named, allegedly wined and dined Thrash multiple times and even facilitated a $10,000 raise for him.

However, when asked if he would support the replacement plan, Thrash declined, stating he wouldn't agree if it involved "firing everyone in the office."

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - FEBRUARY 01: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot speaks to the media following a city c
In the beginning of June it was announced that former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot will probe Henyard after the town vetoed her attempts to block any investigation (Getty Images)

Thrash and another colleague then chose not to attend a meeting intended to discuss the proposed scheme, effectively blocking the preferred law firm from teaming up with the school board. The lawsuit accuses Henyard of multiple offenses, including violations of the First and Fourteenth Amendments.

Thrash has since found employment as a maintenance manager in Thornton, a nearby town. In early June, it was announced that former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot would be probing Henyard following the Dolton town board's veto of Henyard's attempts to block any investigation.

Netizens furious over Tiffany Henyard amid allegations of mismanagement and corruption

A user commented, "The people are after her head on a platter now. She was going to hold a public meeting this week. She left her constituents waiting for over an hour and then sent one of her minions in to say the meeting has been canceled. I hope the people of Dolton will vote more carefully from now on."

Another added, "I don’t understand how these corrupt losers not only get but stay in office. Sure is obviously bleeding the city dry while telling her poor constituents she deserves everything she’d stealing; PAY ATTENTION, VOTES MATTER!! Do not vote for any Soros-backed person. Period. They do not have the U.S.’s best interests at heart, only destruction on their minds…."

A third claimed, "The whole state is corrupt and it has been for far too long. She is really on borrowed time. The Feds are going to get her finally."

"Tiffany Henyard must be held accountable for her crimes," read a comment.

"Her story is as old as the hills," stated an individual.

"Oh for goodness sake, get this woman out of there. Politics are games to so many of them but we have to stop wasting time and resources enabling them, don't care what side they are on," asserted a user.

"This is great. Democrats think public money is their personal piggy bank. The only thing that is surprising is she is so bad at covering it all up," penned a user.

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