Internet praises Megyn Kelly's 'savage' rant as she warns of woke showdown in US after JK Rowling controversy in Scotland

Internet praises Megyn Kelly's 'savage' rant as she warns of woke showdown in US after JK Rowling controversy in Scotland
Megyn Kelly has warned America could go the same way as Scotland, where JK Rowling has been threatened with arrest (Getty Images)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Megyn Kelly has raised concerns about the potential trajectory of the United States, drawing parallels to Scotland where author JK Rowling faced threats of arrest under a new law aimed at safeguarding transgender individuals from hate speech.

The former Fox News anchor has pledged to be Rowling's advocate should her assertions about gender identity lead to censorship under Scotland's legislation.

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Megyn Kelly offers support to JK Rowling

Kelly cautioned that the US appears to be mirroring Scotland's path, with "far too many blue states" approaching similar territory.

"Make no mistake – we are heading for a showdown here, too, on this issue," she warned, "And it's imperative that we win."

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Scotland's recent legislation includes transgenderism among legally protected characteristics, rendering it a criminal offense punishable by up to seven years in prison to incite hatred against an individual based on their gender identity.

Rowling provocatively challenged authorities to arrest her as the legislation took effect, initiating a lengthy and satirical 'April Fool' thread on Twitter, wherein she criticized various transgender individuals, including criminals, activists, and athletes.

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Megyn Kelly told viewers that 'free speech is officially dead in Scotland' as she offered to be JK Rowling's mouthpiece if the Harry Potter author is jailed under the country's new law (@MegynKelly/YouTube)

"Obviously, the people mentioned in the above tweets aren't women at all, but men, every last one of them," she asserted.

Living in Edinburgh, the Scottish capital, Rowling swiftly drew police attention upon the law's enactment on April 1.

However, Kelly assured her that she could freely express herself in the United States.

"Whatever true fact you need said about the gender cult, just shoot me a note and I will say it on the air on my show to millions," Kelly offered on her podcast.

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 10:  J. K. Rowling attends the
JK Rowling has pledged to keep speaking out on transgender issues and dared police to jail her (Getty Images)

"Scotland can't imprison those of us on this side of the pond; (for now) we still have free speech in America, which is why I can say: Men cannot become women. He's are not she's," she said.

"Those surgical wounds are not vaginas. Facial feminization will never make a man female. Men who play women's sports are vile cheaters," Kelly fumed.

"Men do not belong in women's bathrooms, locker rooms, sororities, prisons or OBGYN offices. Men cannot have babies. Chest feeding is child abuse," she added.

Megyn Kelly applauded for speaking 'facts' amidst controversy

Social media lit up with a flurry of responses to the hosts' statements, as users across various platforms weighed in with their opinions and reactions.

One person wrote, "Thank you Megyn Kelly for being brave for speaking the facts!" Another said, "I love Megyn when she goes on her rants. She is a straight savage!! If only more people were as brave as her. Even many “conservative” men won’t even dare to speak up as much as Megyn does on this transgenderism nonsense. Keep it up Megyn!!!" 


One more person wrote, "Your analysis is excellent, You always excel, Megyn." Another said, "Meagan I enjoy you so much more now that you run your own way. Much respect to you." 


Someone else tweeted, "Kelly doing something great!" Another person tweeted, "I think we are already in it!" reffereing t Kelly's comments about America heading down Scotland's path.




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