Internet says Jordan Klepper 'deserves an Emmy' for getting John Bolton to agree Trump is 'f*****g moron'

Internet says Jordan Klepper 'deserves an Emmy' for getting John Bolton to agree Trump is 'f*****g moron'
Jordan Klepper questions John Bolton about the extent of America's predicament if Trump wins again in 'Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse: Moscow Tools' (The Daily Show; Getty Images)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: For his latest 'Fingers the Pulse' special on Comedy Central, airing May 20, 'The Daily Show' correspondent Jordan Klepper interviewed former Trump administration National Security Advisor John Bolton to understand what attracts the MAGA supporters, including Donald Trump, to Putin, and the answer was "F**king moron."

Rather than traveling to Moscow, Klepper investigated the "Moscow Tools" in America who, whether knowingly or not, have been promoting Vladimir Putin's agenda.


John Bolton blames Trump for GOP's Moscow ties

Klepper told The Daily Beast that he "wanted to wrap" his "head around Reagan’s GOP newfound embrace of Putin,” prompting him to interview the most steadfast Republican he could find.

Klepper posed the question, "How did the Republican Party become Moscow tools?" to which Bolton placed almost all the blame on his former boss, asserting that Ronald Reagan would be “appalled” by what Trump has done to the Republican Party.

As their conversation shifted towards Donald Trump and his unconventional approach to politics, including his admiration for authoritarian leaders like Putin, Bolton provided insights into Trump's mindset.

"I think Trump has a fascination with authoritarian leaders generally. I think Trump would like to be a big guy, but I don't think he's smart enough to be a dictator," Bolton remarked.

(The Daily Show)
John Bolton called Donald Trump, a 'moron' (The Daily Show)

The conversation reached its climax with a straightforward evaluation of Trump's abilities, referencing Rex Tillerson's famous description. "So is Trump... What's the term? An idiot?" Klepper inquires.

In December 2018, President Trump called Tillerson "dumb as a rock" and "lazy as hell" after which Tillerson said Trump is “pretty undisciplined, doesn't like to read," as per The Washington Post

Bolton's response echoed Tillerson's sentiments, albeit diplomatically. "Well, I think Rex Tillerson had the iconic two-word description of Trump. The first word I won't repeat, even on your show. The second of which was moron," Bolton stated.

Klepper and Bolton imagine Ronald Reagan's reaction to modern GOP

At the outset of the show, Klepper entertained Bolton with the concept of Ronald Reagan being brought into the modern era through "Jurassic Park" technology, sparking a captivating exploration into how the iconic Republican president might perceive today's political landscape.

"Imagine Ronald Reagan is caught in amber in 1988. I'm using 'Jurassic Park' technology. He wakes up now, unthawed. What does he think of the modern GOP?" Klepper poses the question, setting the stage for a discussion that delves deep into Reagan's potential reactions.

(The Daily Show)
Jordan Klepper engaged John Bolton in the idea of Ronald Reagan waking up in the modern era through 'Jurassic Park' technology (The Daily Show)

Bolton, drawing on his experience and insights, responds with a perspective that many Reagan admirers might share.

"Well, certainly the Trump wing of it, he would be appalled by it. It's just antithetical, not just to the philosophical beliefs of Ronald Reagan, but to the positive attitude about America and its prospects," Bolton remarks.

The conversation took a humorous turn as Klepper imagined Reagan's shock at the advancements since his time, including the internet and the complexities of international relations.

"So Reagan wakes up and he's shocked. And he's like, what is this internet thing? Maybe we should send Steven Seagal over there to kick Putin's ass," Klepper quipped.

Bolton, always quick with a witty rejoinder, chimed in, "Wait a minute, Steven Seagal already lives there. This is all too confusing. Let's just go back to ignoring aids."

The banter encapsulates the mix of nostalgia, satire, and serious analysis that defines discussions about Reagan's legacy and the evolution of the Republican Party.

Klepper's interview with John Bolton sparks social media frenzy

Klepper's interview with former Trump administration National Security Advisor John Bolton stirred a flurry of reactions on social media.

While some criticized Bolton, others applauded Klepper for the interview. 

One viewer expressed, "You know the world's gone crazy when liberals and John Bolton agree on something."

Another viewer shared, "This promises to be a bizarre interview, given Bolton thinks Biden is somehow more unfit for POTUS than Trump — yet he says Trump is an existential threat."

One viewer pointed out, "Bolton has so much blood on his hands."


(The Daily Show_
(The Daily Show)
(The Daily Show)
(The Daily Show)

One comment stated, "I always love Jordan's work! And I love the way he puts a comedic touch on such a horrible subject!! Keep up the great work pal!"

Another comment read, "Great interview. We need more Klepper interviews."

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