'That's what demon possession looks like': White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre trolled as her April Fools' prank falls flat

'That's what demon possession looks like': White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre trolled as her April Fools' prank falls flat
White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was brutally trolled online for her April Fools' prank (Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, DC: In a misguided attempt at April Fools' humor, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre found herself at the center of criticism after her feeble prank failed to amuse members of the press corps on Monday, April 1. 

Addressing reporters from the podium, Jean-Pierre confidently announced, "So President Biden is scheduled to announce he is revoking the Hatch Act. So as a gift to all of you, now I can actually take all your questions about 2024." However, her attempt at jest only garnered groans from the audience.

Karine Jean-Pierre's lackluster attempt at humor

“No? I thought you would love that?” the press secretary said before ultimately admitting defeat. “All right. OK. April Fools, April Fools, April Fools – it is April 1st,” she added.

One annoyed journalist responded with a sarcastic "Ha, ha, ha." Undeterred by the lackluster reception, Jean-Pierre said, "Thank you. I thought that was pretty — I thought it was pretty slick of me."


The press secretary's use of the Hatch Act in jest struck a chord among observers, considering the Act's significance in past interactions between the White House press team and the media.

Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates notably evaded questions by invoking the Hatch Act, citing its restrictions on federal employees from using their platform for campaign purposes, the New York Post reported.

“He mentioned the Hatch Act because the question was posed to him using Donald Trump,” Jean-Pierre said, trying to defend him at the time. “So he was trying to be very mindful … and so that’s why he said the Hatch Act.”

Karine Jean-Pierre's past controversies

Karine Jean-Pierre's handling of the Hatch Act has come under scrutiny in the past. The independent Office of Special Counsel previously determined that she violated the Act by repeatedly using the phrase "mega-MAGA Republicans" during the 2022 midterm cycle.

The OSC's investigation stemmed from a complaint filed by a group called Protect the Public's Trust, led by Michael Chamberlain, an appointee to the Education Department during the Trump administration.

Jean-Pierre was accused of using her position "to advocate for the defeat of her partisan political opponents" and making derogatory remarks about Republicans. This complaint prompted a request to the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) to investigate and impose penalties as appropriate.

During a November 2022 briefing, Jean-Pierre referred to "mega MAGA Republican officials," describing them as politicians "who don't believe in the rule of law." She used the term "MAGA" four times in her remarks.

The OSC concluded that Jean-Pierre did violate the Hatch Act, noting that it "prohibits a covered employee from using her official authority or influence for the purpose of interfering with or affecting the result of an election."


Despite this finding, the OSC opted not to pursue disciplinary action against Jean-Pierre. Ana Galindo-Marrone, who leads the OSC's Hatch Act unit, explained that Jean-Pierre received a warning letter because "the White House Counsel's Office did not at the time believe that Ms. Jean‐Pierre's remarks were prohibited by the Hatch Act."

Reactions to Jean Pierre's April Fools Joke

The incident on April Fools' Day prompted a wave of mockery on social media, with many deriding Jean-Pierre's failed attempt at humor and calling into question her effectiveness as press secretary.

On YouTube, one user wrote, "She is a living April Fool's joke," while one person said, "Today is the perfect day for the anencephalic quota hire. Emphasis on FOOL !"

Another said, "She is the joke," while one user wrote, "Whole administration is an April fools joke that never ends."

One person commented, "Clown show," while another wrote, "Thats what demon possession looks like.."

One individual said, "Cringe living up to her name sake," while another said, "All she had to do was show up! Best april fools."

"KJP thinks she knows comedy. WOW," one user tweeted on X.

"Her April Fool’s prank should’ve been giving a direct answer to a direct question for once," another quipped.

"Shows how clever she is," someone else commented.

"Worst press secretary EVER," another chimed in.





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