Jill Biden confirms mics will be muted during Biden vs Trump debate so no one can 'ramble' but trolls call it 'too much manipulation'

Jill Biden confirms mics will be muted during Biden vs Trump debate so no one can 'ramble' but trolls call it 'too much manipulation'
Jill Biden confirmed that mics will be muted during Joe Biden vs Donald Trump presidential debate (The View/youtube/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: In anticipation of the upcoming presidential debate between Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump, First Lady Jill Biden made a reassuring appearance on 'The View,' addressing concerns about potential disruptions during the event.

Host Sara Haines expressed apprehension about the debate format, citing Trump’s past tendencies to talk over others, including moderators.

Jill Biden says mics will be turned off  so that no one can 'ramble or scream'

Jill Biden swiftly allayed these fears by revealing a precautionary measure - the implementation of microphone cutoffs to prevent rambling or shouting.

“They’ve built that in where they’re gonna turn off those mics so that somebody can’t ramble, or scream at somebody,” the First Lady said. “Not that my husband would be the one doing that. So that’s already been negotiated. Beyond that, the First Lady really wasn’t," she added. 

While acknowledging the importance of the debate, Jill Biden expressed confidence in her husband’s readiness, highlighting his intelligence and experience. “You’re gonna see how smart he is, and the experience he has,” she remarked, “and then you’ll see somebody who — like you’re saying, I’m gonna use Joy’s words — can’t put a sentence together, and everything is ‘beautiful’ and it’s ‘wonderful.’”

(The View/Youtube)
Jill Biden said mics will be turned off during presidential debate (The View/YouTube)

Jill Biden says American 'deserve' to see a presidential debate

Jill also entertained viewers with a lighthearted criticism of Trump's language, which she said was full of words like "beautiful" and "wonderful." Jill added that she believes the debate is essential and is glad that voters will have a chance to see the two politicians go head-to-head.

“The American people deserve to see the two men who are running for this office, because your choice is going to be clear,” she said, stressing the importance of the upcoming debate in shaping public perception and influencing electoral decisions.


Internet slams Jill Biden and calls her out over 'too much manipulation' of presidential debate

Viewers offered diverse opinions on potential adjustments to the debate format.

One user wrote, "I agree with turning the mics off, but I would add that the moderator mics are shut off as well. They get to ask a question, then they are shut off. Then they ask the next question, then they are shut off. They are not allowed to interact or interject their own statements or responses in any way. They ask question and that is all."

Another said, "So Jill will be running the show, huh???? She knows what is going on and she doesn't want to have to wipe his mouth all the time from drooling and he certainly can't find his way out by himself. She's probably laughing all the way to the bank to drain it....."

One said, "I guess she speaks for Cornpop now since he doesn’t even know where he is? "

One user added, "So, how is it that Jill Biden has any say or authority to report on anything about the debates?"


"One said, "She should be focusing on working to assure teachers can earn a living wage so they don't have to tend bar, wait tables and open Only Fans pages to feed their families."

Another replied, "So, she controls the debate now, thanks for the update."

One added, "Seems like too much manipulation of the debate."

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