'He should be ousted if he does': Internet agrees as Biden says Mike Johnson fears losing Speakership if he acts on Ukraine aid

'He should be ousted if he does': Internet agrees as Biden says Mike Johnson fears losing Speakership if he acts on Ukraine aid
House Speaker Mike Johnson (R) is grappling with the decision to advance a Ukraine aid package amid mounting pressure from President Joe Biden (Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, DC: House Speaker Mike Johnson finds himself in a political quandary as he grapples with the decision to advance a pending Ukraine aid package amid mounting pressure from President Biden and fellow Republicans.

The contentious issue has underscored the influence of former President Donald Trump within the GOP, leaving Johnson wary of potential repercussions on his leadership position.

Biden urges action

In an interview aired on Tuesday night, April 9, President Biden voiced his concern that Johnson might be reluctant to push for the Ukraine aid package due to fears of losing his speakership.

“I’m hoping that the speaker of the House begins to use, has the courage to do what he — I’m confident — he knows what has to be done,” Biden, 81, told Univision News. “But I think he’s worried about losing the speakership because of a strange Republican House.”

During a subsequent press conference in the Rose Garden on Wednesday, Biden reiterated the necessity of congressional approval for further assistance to Kyiv.

“If we had a vote tomorrow, if the new speaker of the House of Representatives had the guts to call for a vote and on Ukraine, it would pass overwhelmingly and the majority of Republicans in both House and Senate would vote for it,” he said.


The Senate had previously passed a $95.3 billion foreign aid bill in February, aimed at aiding Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. However, Johnson, a Republican from Louisiana, voiced opposition to bringing the measure to a vote in the House, aligning himself with Trump's stance against it.

Pressure mounts within GOP

Trump's influence within the party has been evident in his public statements urging Republicans to oppose additional aid to Ukraine, citing concerns about fiscal responsibility and the absence of perceived benefits to the United States.


Despite Johnson's reservations, pressure from within his own party has intensified, with Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia threatening to pursue a vote on his removal if he advances the funding.

“I’m not saying I have a red line or a trigger, and I’m not saying I don’t have a red line or trigger,” Greene told CNN last week. “But I’m going to tell you right now — funding Ukraine is probably one of the most egregious things that he can do.”

Greene, a vocal supporter of Trump, has rallied fellow Republicans against the Ukraine aid package.

“Mike Johnson is publicly saying funding Ukraine is now his top priority when less than 7 months ago he was against it,” she wrote in a letter. “The American people disagree — they believe our border is the only border worth fighting a war over, and I agree with them.”  


Johnson, who assumed the speakership in October, has defended his decision to delay action on the Ukraine aid package, citing the need to prioritize funding for the federal government and criticizing the Biden administration's handling of the conflict.

“That process has been dragged out, not because of the House, but because in my view — because of the White House being unwilling or unable to provide the necessary answers for us to process that sooner,” Johnson said at the time.

“No one wants Vladimir Putin to prevail. I’m of the opinion that he wouldn’t stop in Ukraine. If he was allowed, he’d go through all the way through Europe,” Johnson told the New York Post last month. 

The speaker's reluctance to move forward with the aid package has drawn criticism from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who has implored congressional Republicans to approve the funding to bolster Ukraine's defense against Russian aggression. Zelenskyy warned Ukraine would "lose the war" if Congress failed to provide the necessary support.


Social media rips into Mike Johnson

Social media was abuzz with reactions after Biden said Johnson was worried about losing his speakership.

"He should be ousted if he does," one posted on X.

"Damn straight," another wrote.

"Good. He should be ousted if he tries to dump more money into the black hole that is Ukraine," someone else added.

"He will because he won’t be listening to the people who have clearly, repeatedly said no more money for Ukraine," a comment read.

"@SpeakerJohnson has not released J6 video, he has not used any leverage to close the border, he should be ousted for his record of failure…. It’s not just Ukraine," another offered.






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