John Fetterman claims Trump has 'strong position' in Pennsylvania but will not win against Biden, Internet says 'Dems won't vote'

John Fetterman claims Trump has 'strong position' in Pennsylvania but will not win against Biden, Internet says 'Dems won't vote'
John Fetterman believes the fundamental difference in Donald Trump and Joe Biden's personalities will be the decisive factor in this election (Getty Images)

LEMONT FURNACE, PENNSYLVANIA: Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) expressed on Wednesday, May 29, his belief that former President Donald Trump holds a strong position in Pennsylvania. However, he remains confident that the presumptive GOP nominee will not overcome President Biden in the upcoming fall election.

“I fundamentally believe that it’s going to be a close race,” Fetterman said in an interview on MSNBC’s 'Morning Joe'.

Fetterman, who boasts significant approval ratings in the politically mixed state of Pennsylvania, refrained from offering specific advice to Biden when asked, instead commenting on Biden said, "He’s already won in 2020, and he’s going to win in this one as well."


John Fetterman expressed pride in running alongside Joe Biden

Fetterman has consistently maintained that Pennsylvania would present a tight race, a belief he held even before the 2016 presidential cycle, which witnessed Trump narrowly defeating the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, The Hill reported.

“But Biden carried Pennsylvania by 80,000 votes, and now, he has a strong record, but it’s still going to be close,” Fetterman said, adding, “Trump has a strong kind of position in Pennsylvania. He definitely does, but I don’t believe he can win, ultimately.”

Fetterman stated that although inflation and health care are significant to voters, he believes the key factor in this election will be the fundamental contrast between Trump's and Biden's personalities.

WALLINGFORD, PA - OCTOBER 15:  Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate John Fetterman holds a rally at
John Fetterman believes Donald Trump will not overcome President Joe Biden in the upcoming fall election (Getty Images)

“I really do think, though, that the main issue is the personalities. It’s like, what do you want? I’m a voter, do I want that kind of chaos and that kind of depravity? Or do you want a decent president that got us through the pandemic, that has been addressing inflation, and now has been addressing wars, both in the Ukraine and in Gaza as well, too,” Fetterman said.

“If you really think that Trump is going to make any of those situations better, I mean, that’s their choice, but I do believe that enough Pennsylvanians are going to decide that this is our guy,” he added, referring to Biden, “That’s my guy.”

LEMONT FURNACE, PENNSYLVANIA - MAY 10: Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman campaigns for U.S. Senat
John Fetterman expressed pride in campaigning alongside Joe Biden in 2022 (Getty Images)

Fetterman, who prevailed in a close contest for the US Senate seat in 2022, expressed pride in running alongside Biden that year and expressed little concern over the polls.

“All these polls now, I’m not really concerned about that,” Fetterman said. “The polls had me that I was going to lose by up to 1 or 2 points, and we won by 5. So, I do believe that it’s a very close race.”

Within the margin of error of most polls, Trump leads Biden by 1.5 percentage points in the Pennsylvania presidential contest, according to The Hill's Decision Desk HQ 2024 polling average.

John Fetterman's statement sparked heated debate on social media

As soon as the news went viral on social media, users started reacting to it. A netizen said, "What's gonna happen is many Dems won't come out to vote."


Another user added, "I too agree that we no longer have elections based around policy."


One commentator remarked, "No, the genocide that John Fetterman supports to please AIPAC will be the determinative factor going into this election."


One wrote asking, "Personalities??? I hope America isn’t that dumb. It’s POLICIES. Do you have more money now?"


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