Justice Samuel Alito and wife Martha-Ann blasted after they're caught discussing abortion and flag controversy on tape

Justice Samuel Alito and wife Martha-Ann blasted after they're caught discussing abortion and flag controversy on tape
Audio recordings of Justice Samuel Alito and his wife Martha-Ann Alito talking about the abortion leak and flag controversy were revealed (Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, DC:  Justice Samuel Alito appears to be discussing the limitations of the Supreme Court's investigation into the disclosure of his initial majority decision in the 2022 case that reversed the federal constitutional right to abortion laws, as revealed in recently released audio recordings.

 In a different recording, Martha-Ann Alito, Justice's wife, expressed her indifference to the recent dispute concerning flag displays at their residences in suburban Virginia and the New Jersey shore.

Justice Samuel Alito admitted to a lack of impartiality with the Left

Liberal activist and documentary filmmaker Lauren Windsor released audio on June 10, which she shared with Rolling Stone. In the recording, Windsor presented herself as a conservative opposed to abortion rights and in support of the Alitos.

She also voiced her anger over the leak of the Supreme Court's impending decision in Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization by Politico in May 2022. She decried the court's inability to name those responsible publicly.


“It’s hard,” Alito spoke to Windsor during an exchange at a Supreme Court Historical Society event in June 2023, per a report by Politico. He added, “You know, you can’t name somebody unless you know for sure, and we don’t have the power to do the things that would be necessary to try to figure out, nail down exactly [who did it]."

"And even then we might not be able to do it. We don’t have the power to subpoena people to testify, to subpoena records, phone records or other things like that. We don’t have that authority,” Alito went on to say.

Justice Samuel Alito expressed concern over partisan divides

Later Politico reported on the draft opinion, Chief Justice John Roberts verified its authenticity and initiated an investigation led by the court's marshal, Gail Curley. In January 2023, the Supreme Court disclosed that the investigation could not determine a responsible individual based on the preponderance of evidence.

Nevertheless, the investigation revealed several shortcomings in the physical and electronic management of sensitive data at the court.

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 23:  U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Samuel Alito speaks during the G
Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito discussed the difficulty of living 'peacefully' with ideological opponents (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

“We’re not a law enforcement agency, you know,” Alito remarked.

He further stated, “People have certain rights to privacy, so law enforcement agencies can issue subpoenas, get search warrants, all that sort of thing, but we can’t do that. Our marshal did as much as she could do, but that was limited.”

In a previous discussion last year, Alito expressed concern over the disturbing partisan divides in the country and attributed the growing negative views of the court to the press.

U.S. Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito escorts his wife, Martha, back into the hearing room following a break during the third day of Alito's confirmation hearings January 11, 2006 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Earlier in the day, Mrs. Alito began to weep as Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) spoke during the hearing. Senators have questioned Alito heavily on his views about abortion and executive powers in the hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)
Martha-Ann Bomgardner and Samuel Alito got married in 1985 and have two children, Laura and Philip (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

When questioned on how to reduce the country's polarization, Alito responded, “I wish I knew. I don’t know. It’s easy to blame the media, but I do blame them because they do nothing but criticize us. And so they have really eroded trust in the court."

He continued, "American citizens in general need to work on this to heal this polarization because it’s very dangerous.”

Internet believes Samuel Alito and Martha-Ann Alito 'are bizarre'

The internet was baffled over Samuel Alito and his wife Martha-Ann's "bizarre" statements. One user said, "Recuse yourselves, Justice Alito and wife, along with the Thomases, for absolutely any decision to do with Trump. To not do so is blatantly corrupt, by placing your full body weight on the scales of Justice."


Another user added, "They definitely fit the Definition of the word “deplorable”"


The third commentator wrote, "Wow. I can't believe they have opinions!!! Impeach!!!"


"They are bizarre. And the fact that they’re just standing around smugly saying these things to people they don’t know is shocking and disgusting," a person concluded.


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