Kanye West accused of sending 'inappropriate' messages to model while being married to Bianca Censori

Kanye West accused of sending 'inappropriate' messages to 22-year-old model while being married to Bianca Censori
A 22-year-old model alleged that rapper Kanye West sent her inappropriate messages on Instagram, despite his marriage to Bianca Censori(Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: A 22-year-old model claimed that rapper Kanye West, 47, inappropriately messaged her on Instagram, inviting her to come out and listen to his new album, 'Vultures,' despite being married to Bianca Censori.

Model Mikaela Lafuente reacted to the "inappropriate" messages she received from the rapper's official Instagram account, calling him out for asking her to "hang" and "listen to his new album."

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Bianca Censori's friends believe that she has started to see the reality of her married life with Kanye West (@kanyewgst/Instagram)
Kanye West has been married to his 29-year-old wife, Bianca Censori, since December 2022(@kanyewgst/Instagram)

Model claims Kanye West asked her to 'hang out and listen to his new album'

Model influencer Mikaela Lafuente has called out the controversial musician by posting screenshots of their alleged Instagram DMs, which she claims were received from Kanye West's verified account in March.

Lafuente, who is in a relationship with 24-year-old TikTok star Bryce Hall, criticized the singer-songwriter on social media for his "inappropriate" behavior, highlighting that he is more than twice her age at 47.

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Based in Los Angeles, Lafuente stated that because they had never spoken in person, she found the March 2023 conversation exceptionally "odd" and initially believed it to be a fake account, per Daily Mail.

Model Mikaela Lafuente claimed that rapper Kanye West inappropriately messaged her on Instagram (@mikalafuente/Instagram)

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"It was funny. Bryce and I were in Vegas and I was going through my Instagram DMs and I saw this [Kayne West's message]," Lafuent said.

She explained, "At first, I didn't believe it and thought it was a fake account, but it wasn't. The message was pretty odd as I had never spoken to him or seen him in person before."

A purported screenshot of the conversation between West and the model revealed that the rapper messaged Lafuente shortly after he and Censori returned to California from their trip to Europe.

Lafuente received a message from West saying, "Back in Cali," and asking if she wanted to "hang out and listen to the new album."

Kanye West allegedly sent DMs to model Mikaela Lafuente (@mikalafuente/Instagram)

Lafuente has since criticized the rapper for the "inappropriate" Instagram messages he sent her, pointing out that he is not only married but also more than twice her age.

She firmly stated, "I don't think it's acceptable to be messaging other women when you're married. It's not acceptable and it's something I'd stand behind forever."

Since West has been married to his 29-year-old wife, Censori, since December 2022, Lafuente added that she finds infidelity in a relationship "unacceptable."

"I've grown up with all my family being with their partners forever and this is what I want for my relationship. Monogamy is what is accepted and cheating is unacceptable," she said.

The model stated, "If he texts other girls, I know I said no, but others might not. I do not support it. Maybe they have an agreement and Bianca knows about it and is cool with it, but we will never know this."

Netizens believe Mikaela Lafuente deleted messages before sharing screenshots

Lafuente's boyfriend, Bryce Hall, similarly commented on the alleged circumstances on X (formerly Twitter) shortly after the incident.

"Kanye is sliding on my girlfriend…someone tell Kim," quipped Hall. "Cmon ye… at least invite me to the hang and listen session." [sic]


However, online users alleged that Lafuente frequently communicates with West and deleted messages before sharing the screenshot.

One such X user said, "This look like some deleted messages. she deleted what she really said." [sic]

Another user added, "Sorry to break it to you. But she’s been hanging out with Ye when you’re not around. Why would he randomly send 'Back in Cali' that’s not a pick up line. That’s a we already been chillin line." [sic]

"Most people slide in the DM’s when they wanna get to know someone. It’s those that blast it that you gotta worry about," remarked one. [sic]

Another said, "'Back in Cali' meaning back again lmaoooo as in its not the first time."  [sic]

"When they have zero messages and it says 'back' just know she deleted all of the previous messages my boy," noted another. [sic]






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