Marjorie Taylor Greene mocked as Seth Meyers blasts her for fawning over Trump following his Capitol visit

'Desperate' Marjorie Taylor Greene mocked as Seth Meyers blasts her for fawning over Trump following his Capitol Hill visit
Seth Meyers never misses an opportunity to take jabs at Marjorie Taylor Greene, a staunch supporter of Donald Trump (Late Night With Seth Meyers/YouTube, Getty images)

WASHINGTON, DC: Seth Meyers dismantled the fanfare surrounding Donald Trump's visit to Capitol Hill, particularly highlighting Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene's starry-eyed reception, on a recent episode of 'Late Night'. 

Greene, a staunch Trump ally, gleefully recounted how the former president warmly acknowledged her during his June 11 visit. However, Meyers, with his trademark wit and keen insight, offered a starkly different interpretation.


Seth Meyers explains Marjorie Taylor Greene the true meaning of Donald Trump's compliment

Meyers began, "Trump showed up to Capitol Hill last week for the first time since he sicced a violent mob on Congress, and Republicans didn't just greet him warmly. They heaped so much cloying, gratuitous praise on him, that you would think they just reconnected with their biological father." 

The late-night host played clips of Republicans gushing over Trump's presence at Capitol Hill. In a clip from CNN, Greene was heard saying, "He was funny. He was joking around constantly with everyone. He was really sweet to me. He saw me in there and he was like, 'Hello, Marjorie'. He's always so sweet and recognizes me." 

Meyers took the opportunity to quip, "That's not the compliment you think it is. When people recognize you, it's not because they're sweet, it's because you're terrifying."

In a scathing critique on 'Late Night,' Seth Meyers dismantled the adulation surrounding Donald Trump's recent Capitol Hill visit (Late Night with Seth Meyers/Youtube)
Seth Meyers chastised Marjorie Taylor Greene for gushing over Donald Trump's recent visit to Capitol Hill (Late Night with Seth Meyers/YouTube)

The comedian didn't stop there. He aired a supercut showcasing various Republicans effusively praising Trump during and after his visit, ridiculing their over-the-top displays of adulation.

"Seriously, do you guys hear yourselves fawning over Trump?" Meyers mocked, listing Trump's litany of controversies including his electoral losses, alleged role in inciting the January 6 insurrection, and mounting legal troubles.

Internet reacts to Seth Meyers' remarks on Marjorie Taylor Greene fawning over Donald Trump 

Netizens agreed to Meyers' observations regarding Greene, with one writing, "Marjorie Trans Greene is so desperate for attention she will use any opportunity to get her name out. Not much of a re-election campaign."

A person remarked, "Well it is hard to forget a horse that walks on two legs," and another joked, "One More Time..... Marj had an awkward moment yesterday, when a Zombie, looking for Brains, walked right on by her...."

"An interesting use of AI would be to use it in developing and applying an algorithm for estimating the IQ of members of Congress. I'd lay odds that MGT would be in the lower 5% and perhaps the lowest of all," said someone else. 

An individual quipped, "As a Biden supporter, I'm hoping that Trump recognizes MTG as being his best choice for VP. She's far from being that but I'm hoping that Trump recognizes her as that. If she becomes his VP nominee, it would help Biden. Imagine her, potentially, being a heartbeat away. That would really be terrifying."

Another comment read, "The way Marjorie fawned over the idea of Trump just recognizing her is disturbing. Very cultish behaviour," and one more viewer added, "MTG sounds like a junior high cheerleader who’s just had the football quarterback call her Mary—even though he got her name wrong, she’s going to run home and gush about it to her diary." 

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