'Most unlikeable player': Travis Kelce dubbed 'bully' after labeling Ravens' Justin Tucker 'd**k' on podcast

'Most unlikeable player': Travis Kelce dubbed 'bully' after labeling Ravens' Justin Tucker 'd**k' on podcast
Travis Kelce criticized Baltimore Ravens' Justin Tucker on the 'New Heights' podcast (@killatrav, @jtuck9/Instagram)

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI: Social media is abuzz with discussions about Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, who is facing criticism from users labeling him a 'bully.'

The controversy ignited when, during a discussion of a pregame incident from the Chiefs vs Ravens game on their 'New Heights' podcast, Kelce referred to Baltimore Ravens' Justin Tucker as a 'd**k,' sparking negative reactions online.

According to recent headlines, Travis also made a guest appearance on ESPN's 'Pat McAfee Show', where he disclosed that he and his girlfriend, Taylor Swift had been dating for a month before her first appearance at a Chiefs game against the Chicago Bears in September. During the interview, he described their relationship as a 'beautiful thing'.

Travis also garnered praise from Swifties recently when he expressed his pride in having the support of his pop star girlfriend, Swift, during his games.

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Travis Kecle talks about his altercation with Justin Tucker (Travis Kelce/Facebook)

Travis Kelce calls Justin Tucker a 'd**k'

As reported by TMZ, Travis recently joined his brother Jason Kelce on their 'New Heights' podcast, where he openly criticized Ravens' placekicker, Tucker, for their pregame altercation during the AFC Championship. Travis accused Tucker of acting like a "f***ing d**k" and deliberately getting in Patrick Mahomes' way during warmups.

This incident became one of the most viral moments of the match, overshadowing even the presence of Travis' girlfriend, Taylor Swift at the game, according to TMZ.

During the podcast episode on Wednesday, Travis didn't hold back in expressing his frustration, mentioning that although he sensed Tucker was playing around, the Chiefs were not in the mood for such antics.


Travis emphasized an unwritten rule among specialists to stay out of their opponents' way during preparations for a matchup, but, according to Travis, Tucker did not adhere to this, which irked him.

He stated, "If you want to be a f***ing d**k about it, you keep your helmet and your football and your f***ing kicking tee right where the quarterbacks are warming up and they’re dropping, eyes are looking left and they’ve got a helmet down by their feet. If you’re not going to pick that up, I’ll happily move that for you."

In a video clip posted by an X user, Travis is seen relocating Tucker's belongings.


Travis, as reported by TMZ, later apologized on the podcast, acknowledging that Tucker winked at him during the altercation to convey it was all in good fun. However, he reiterated that he was not in a joking mood, stating, "If you're gonna be a d**k I promise you, I can one-up you every time."

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Internet users call Travis Kelce a 'bully'

A user wrote, "Bros beefing with a kicker 😭😭😭"


Another user wrote, "Travis is just annoying now. Guys just a meme🤦‍♂️"


A user commented, "Most unlikeable player in the league"


"Naw dude you’re a bully," another user commented, 



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