OJ Simpson case witness claims ex-NFL star hired gangsters to kill Nicole Brown because he was 'jealous' of her ‘sleeping around’

OJ Simpson case witness claims ex-NFL star hired gangsters to kill Nicole Brown because he was 'jealous' of her ‘sleeping around’
OJ Simpson was jealous of Nicole Brown 'sleeping around', according to a witness (ABC News/YouTube Screengrab)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: A shocking revelation has emerged from a key police witness, suggesting that OJ Simpson orchestrated the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, by allegedly paying notorious Mafia gangsters to carry out the heinous act.

The witness, John Dunton, has come forward with claims that Simpson, consumed by jealousy over Brown's romantic life post-divorce, sought the assistance of mob associates to eliminate her, as reported by DailyMail.

OJ Simpson was jealous of Nicole Brown's 'sleeping around', claims witness 

Portrait of American former foorball player OJ Simpson and his wife, Nicole Brown (1959 - 1994), as they attend a party at the Harley Davidson Cafe, New York, New York, 1993. Simpson was tried for the murder of his wife (on June 12, 1994) and, though he was acquitted in the murder trial, he was found guilty of wrongful death in a subsequent civil suit--still later, he was found guilty of other felony charges (unrelated to the murder) and convicted in 2008. (Photo by Rose Hartman/Getty Images)
OJ Simpson was acquitted of his ex-wife Nicole Brown's murder (Rose Hartman/Getty Images)

According to Dunton, Simpson's jealousy over Brown's newfound relationships prompted him to take drastic measures. Allegedly, Simpson paid a significant sum of money to members of the Gambino crime family to carry out the murder.

Dunton, who initially spoke to Los Angeles police following the double murder in 1994, remained silent for decades after allegedly facing intimidation tactics from mobsters, including threats against his life and the safety of his family.

Dunton claims Simpson "didn't give a s***' about his ex-wife and paid a lot of money... to have her whacked."

It is unclear how Dunton found out Simpson hired the mob but he claims he learned about it from someone "in his circle."

Private investigator Paul Barresi provided MailOnline with a recording of Dunton's interview. He says he first contacted the witness 30 years ago - and decided to try him again after OJ's death. This time he agreed to talk.

In a recent interview with Barresi, Dunton reiterated his claims, asserting Simpson's direct involvement in the plot. He described Simpson's indifference toward Brown's well-being, emphasizing Simpson's purported desire to eliminate her at any cost. Dunton's account suggests that Simpson's motives were driven by jealousy and a desire to exert control over his ex-wife's life.

Dunton said OJ Simpson didn't "give a s***' and 'the only thing he cared about was getting his wife out."

LOVELOCK, NV - JULY 20: O.J. Simpson attends a parole hearing at Lovelock Correctional Center July 2
Jealousy was a reason why OJ Simpson tried to have Nicole Brown 'whacked', per a new claim (Getty Images)

He said, "He kept hearing from other people that his wife was sleeping around with a lot of guys. He was jealous. He wanted to end everything."

"OJ owed money to the mob too, but he paid additional to have her whacked. He paid a lot of money, back in those days. I don't how much was paid but a lot was paid. It so happened Goldman was there, and he got whacked too."

In order to tell the world the truth of what happened, Dunton claims to have waited 30 years, and for the deaths of many mob gangsters and OJ Simpson.

He said, "I just want to get it off my chest that's all. You know, it's been a long time. You know, the truth should come out one way or another."

Diverse reactions surface following new claims on OJ case

In this handout, American football running back, broadcaster, actor, and advertising spokesman OJ Simpson in a mug shot following his arrest in Los Angeles, California, US, 17th June 1994. (Photo by Kypros/Getty Images)
OJ Simpson was apparently so jealous Nicole Brown had moved on from their relationship that he paid notorious Mafia gangsters to kill her, a key police witness has claimed (Kypros/Getty Images)

The recent revelations from witness John Dunton, implicating OJ Simpson in the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown, have sparked a range of reactions across the Internet.

Some users have seized upon Dunton's testimony to highlight broader issues of gender dynamics and control within relationships saying, "Funny how men believe cheating is ok for them and to have their needs and desires met even if it means stepping outside of the marriage but not for women. Either way Nicole was divorced from this monster, she had EVERY right to live her life but of course he didn’t like the fact he wasn’t able to control her anymore and couldn’t stand the fact another man would give her pleasure….typical behaviour of a man like him. What’s horrifying is many men think like that even today. " 

Others have approached Dunton's claims with skepticism. One of them said, "Why would the mob ever get involve in this? From the look of the attack, it was a crime of passion, not a straight forward shooting." 

Another wrote, "Exactly, the mob wouldn't. We all know OJ did it, we knew back then when he ran away. Innocent men do not run, they stay and fight to clear their name."

Someone else claimed, "Thats not the way mobsters operate, especially doing a hired hit for someone else where they are not emotionally involved. If it had been a contract hit they would have used a gun. Not a messy emotion filled and very personal death. OJ did it. "

"Just stop with these stories..Anyone and Everyone knows who did it...alone !!" said another user.

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