Sean Hannity angers Biden supporters after accusing POTUS of 'hiding' in the woods to prepare for debate

Sean Hannity angers Biden supporters after accusing POTUS of 'hiding' in the woods to prepare for debate
Sean Hannity mocked Joe Biden over debate preparation at Camp David (@entertainmenttonight/YouTube, @potus/Instagram)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Fox News host Sean Hannity sparked controversy after calling out President Joe Biden over his debate preparation methods as the countdown to CNN's Presidential Debate begins. Hannity, known for his outspoken commentary, questioned Biden's retreat to Camp David, portraying it as a mysterious hiatus from public scrutiny.

Hannity said setting the tone for his lengthy rant against Biden, "We begin tonight in the middle of the woods in northern Maryland, where the President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, has been hiding out at Camp David for days."

Sean Hannity brutally mocks Joe Biden over debate prep

Hannity claimed President Biden has dedicated an entire week solely to debate preparation at Camp David, prompting the TV host to think aloud about the President's activities behind closed doors. "So what's Joe doing for an entire week off behind closed doors? Nobody seems to know," Hannity quipped. 

Sean Hannity delivers a 'Hannity monologue' against President Joe Biden (YouTube/Fox News, Getty Images)
Sean Hannity chastised Joe Biden after reports that POTUS has been preparing for the presidential debate at Camp David (YouTube/Fox News, Getty Images)

Hannity also made pointed remarks about Biden's expected demeanor on the debate stage, "But rest assured, hyper-caffeinated, jacked-up Joe will likely make an appearance on Thursday's debate stage," Hannity predicted.

Hannity went on to draw comparisons to Biden's performance during notable speeches like the State of the Union.

"We're going to break down the difference for those in the media that are too ignorant to understand between Biden's usual day-to-day cognitive struggles compared to that rare occasion at the State of the Union, during an important speech when Joe seemed, well, let's say amped up. We're being charitable," Hannity remarked, hinting at perceived disparities in Biden's public speaking abilities.

Internet says Sean Hannity already knows Trump isn't going to do well

Sean Hannity's recent remarks on President Joe Biden's debate preparations incensed social media users and supporters of POTUS blasted the TV presenter.

One user wrote, "Hannity is making excuses for his obese mango lover"


Another said, "The Fox News obsession today with Pres Biden and his debate preparation makes me think that they already know Trump isn't going to do well."


One commented, "They are really pushing this Biden narrative hard! Fox is only confirming what we already know about Trump..sniff sniff. They always accuse what they are guilty of hiding."


Another added, "My God Sean, fetch is never going to be a thing."


One said, "Hannity be cooking up stuff to scare the old folk again."


Another said, "Idiot."


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