Sebastian Rogers' dad reveals autistic teen 'didn’t want to go back' to mom's house before he went missing

Sebastian Rogers' dad reveals autistic teen 'didn’t want to go back' to mom's house before he went missing
Sebastian Rogers left his family house with a flashlight on February 26 and has been missing since (TBI)

HENDERSONVILLE, TENNESSEE: The heart-wrenching disappearance of Sebastian Rogers, a 15-year-old autistic teenager from Tennessee, has gripped the nation for over 5 weeks.

In a recent interview, Sebastian's father, Seth Rogers, shared a poignant detail about his son's state of mind before he vanished into thin air.

Tears welling in his eyes, Rogers disclosed that Sebastian had confided in him his reluctance to return to his mother's house in Hendersonville. "I've asked him, 'why don't you want to go back?'" Rogers recounted. "He wouldn't tell me, he didn't say why, he just said he didn't want to go back."

Living with Katie Proudfoot and her husband Chris Proudfoot at the time of his disappearance, Sebastian's case has raised numerous questions. However, despite investigations, there have been no indications of foul play, with all three parents reportedly cooperating with authorities.

 The chief deputy of the Sumner County Sheriff's Office said Sebastian Rogers likes cats and his favorite song is 'Eye of the Tiger'  (Summer County Sheriff's Office)
 Sebastian Rogers disappeared from his Hendersonville residence (Summer County Sheriff's Office)

Scrutiny surrounds alleged disciplinary incident in Sebastian Rogers' disappearance

Yet, unsettling details have emerged during the investigation. The Proudfoots faced scrutiny regarding an alleged incident where Chris had disciplined Sebastian with a belt years prior.

He clarified that the incident occurred due to the teenager lying to him. While Katie passed a polygraph test voluntarily, her husband's test remains pending, citing his absence from town during Sebastian's disappearance, reported Independent.

Further, Rogers revealed the challenges encountered during the search, including intimidation tactics and the removal of flyers bearing Sebastian's image.

"Somebody doesn't want me to find my son," he lamented. Sadly, the efforts to locate Sebastian have faced further obstacles, with the United Cajun Navy, a non-profit involved in the search, forced to go private due to threats against its members.

Law enforcement's ongoing search efforts

Despite the setbacks, Rogers remains resolute in his quest to reunite with his son. Law enforcement continues their search efforts, scouring the areas surrounding the Proudfoots' residence.

As the search enters its second month, the Sumner County Sheriff's Office reiterated their commitment to resolving the case. "There are no significant events to report from the search efforts," they stated. "We, along with the many other agencies involved, remain committed to investigating this case."

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