'Poetic justice': Senate hopeful Kari Lake trolled as her attorney is suspended for lying to Arizona Supreme Court in election case

'Poetic justice': Senate hopeful Kari Lake trolled as her attorney is suspended for lying to Arizona Supreme Court in election case
Scottsdale attorney Bryan Blehm (inset) was suspended for presenting false information to the Arizona Supreme Court on behalf of Senate candidate Kari Lake (Getty Images, X/@BlehmLawAZ)

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA: Bryan Blehm, a Scottsdale divorce attorney known for his controversial involvement in the 2022 gubernatorial election dispute, has been suspended from practicing law in Arizona.

The suspension comes as a consequence of his role in presenting false information to the Arizona Supreme Court on behalf of failed gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake.

Bryan Blehm's suspension over false claims

On June 7, an Arizona Supreme Court panel ruled that Blehm's law license would be suspended for 60 days, starting in a month. After suspension, Blehm will be placed on probation for one year and required to complete five additional hours of continuing legal education focused on ethics or professional responsibility.

The disciplinary action follows an investigation by the Arizona State Bar, which sought a harsher penalty of a six-month and one-day suspension. The Bar's case against Blehm centered on his submission of false statements in an appeal related to Lake's attempt to overturn her election defeat.

Specifically, Blehm and co-counsel Kurt Olsen falsely asserted the inclusion of 35,000 illegal ballots in Maricopa County's vote count, an allegation unsupported by evidence.

The false claims made by Blehm and Olsen did not go unnoticed. The Arizona Supreme Court subsequently ordered the two attorneys to pay $2,000 in sanctions.

In a May 21 hearing, the Bar's attorneys argued that Blehm's actions, which involved submitting blatantly false evidence, warranted a significant suspension. They highlighted Blehm's lack of remorse as a factor in their recommendation for a longer suspension.


Presiding Disciplinary Judge Margaret Downie and the panel acknowledged the severity of Blehm's ethical violations in their 12-page order.

"Respondent’s misrepresentations needlessly expanded the proceedings in the Arizona Supreme Court. And any time an attorney attempts to mislead a judicial tribunal, it brings disrepute to and fosters mistrust of the legal profession," the order read.

However, despite the serious nature of Blehm's misconduct, the panel decided against a suspension longer than six months. They cited Blehm's lack of prior ethical violations and the clear nature of the false statements, which minimized potential harm, as reasons for their decision.

"Is a long-term suspension necessary here to protect the public, maintain the integrity of the profession in the eyes of the public, and deter (Blehm) and other attorneys from engaging in similar misconduct?” the panel questioned in their order. “This is (Blehm’s) first disciplinary offense, and the misrepresentations at issue were so blatantly obvious there was little chance the Arizona Supreme Court would be misled by them.”

However, the panel warned that future ethical breaches by Blehm would likely result in harsher penalties. Additionally, Blehm is required to reimburse the State Bar’s legal costs incurred during the disciplinary process, the Arizona Mirror reported.

Lake trolled on social media

Lake was trolled on social media following Blehm's suspension.

"Now [that there's] poetic justice," one posted on X.

"I'm not saying Kari Lake's claims are total bulls---, but when your lawyer gets suspended for lying to the courts, it kinda makes you look like you're fishing in a cesspool for truth," another wrote.

"Wow, Kari Lake has her attorney lie to the Court and her attorney was suspended from practicing law. Makes one think whether one wants Kari Lake representing one in any position," someone else chimed in.

"It doesn’t pay to attach yourself to a MAGA Rep……u wind up in jail or prison," a comment read.

"Another one and another one! It’ll blow your mind how many cases of fraud coming from the GOP," another offered.






While Blehm's suspension marks a significant event, his co-counsel Olsen still faces separate disciplinary hearings. Olsen, a Washington, DC, employment attorney, is under scrutiny for false statements made in other election-related lawsuits. Unlike Blehm, Olsen is licensed in Maryland, limiting the Arizona State Bar's punitive options to a formal reprimand.

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