'Not a serious person': Seth Meyers slammed as he blasts Biden for not taking Trump threat seriously after weak debate performance

'Not a serious person': Seth Meyers slammed as he blasts Biden for not taking Trump threat seriously after weak debate performance
Seth Meyers criticized President Joe Biden for underestimating the Donald Trump threat following his disastrous debate performance (LateNightSeth/YouTube and Getty Images)

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK CITY: Liberal 'Late-night' host Seth Meyers criticized President Joe Biden on Monday, July 8, for seemingly not taking his subpar performance at the first 2-24 presidential debate seriously.

Meyers, the host of NBC's 'Late Night', challenged Biden on how he has attempted to convince Americans that he is fit to assume office for the second time following last month's presidential debate.

Seth Meyers slams Joe Biden's ABC interview statement

Specifically, Seth Meyers took issue with a statement the President made during his post-debate interview with ABC News, where Joe Biden told George Stephanopoulos that he would accept the election outcome, even if he were to lose, provided that "I gave it my all."

"No!" Meyers exclaimed after playing the clip, adding further commentary. "Giving it your all is what salsa lessons at a retirement home is all about."

Meyers implied that Biden's comments to Stephanopoulos revealed a lack of understanding of the implications of Trump's potential victory, particularly given POTUS' portrayal of his Republican rival as a danger to democracy, Fox News Digital reported.

Seth Meyers recently slammed President Joe Biden on his late-night show (@LateNightSeth/X)

"This isn’t about how you feel. This is about how voters feel. If you truly believe that American democracy is at stake – and it is – then you have to act like it," he said.

In a satirical take on Biden's strategy to address concerns over his mental sharpness by getting more rest, Meyers said, "You can’t claim to be the last bulwark against fascism and also have a ‘more sleep’ plan."

"If you think this is serious, you need to act like it’s serious, because it is," he added.

Seth Meyers believes presidency stakes are incredibly high

Similar to other late-night hosts such as Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers is reportedly a strong supporter of the Biden administration.

Meyers has refrained from endorsing the suspension of Biden's campaign, unlike other liberal commentators and some Democratic Party legislators.

"I have no idea what will happen, or if Biden will stay in or not, but as we’ve established on this show for years now, the stakes of a Trump presidency are incredibly high," the host said.

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE - SEPTEMBER 27: Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden speaks during a campa
President Joe Biden is facing calls to withdraw from the 2024 presidential race after his weak performance in the debate (Getty Images)

He added, "The job of any Democrat running against him is to articulate the strongest possible case against him at all times, especially when everyone is watching. And right now, it’s pretty clear that’s not happening."

Biden was the first guest on 'Late Night' when Meyers became the host in 2014. Earlier this year, the President appeared on the show again to celebrate its 10th anniversary, where he enjoyed ice cream with the host.

Meyers acknowledged that his jokes about Biden could be contentious among his liberal audience, which led him to issue a "disclaimer" recently.

"As we made clear on this show repeatedly, there’s no equivalency between a competent 81-year-old who occasionally shows signs of age and a demented 77-year-old criminal who says dead people rigged the election and thinks electric boat batteries will lead to shark attacks," he had said previously.

Internet slams Seth Meyers for his warning to Joe Biden

As soon as the clip of Seth Meyer warning Joe Biden about the threat from Donald Trump went viral on social media, social media users started bashing the host.

One social media user wrote, "Of all the people that get paid to pretend to be funny or intelligent reciting things other, smarter people wrote, Seth Meyers is one of them."


Another added, "I can’t take @sethmeyers seriously! He’s guilty of whitewashing the walls for the Democrats for the last 20 years! Not a serious person!"


One commentator wrote, "Another low information leftist stooge."


One person gave a one-word reply to Meyers' statement, "Brainwashed!"


"Haha, is this Meyers a total idiot...Bidun has no clue about anything,,,,geez Meyers smoke another one,,,bozo bob," another individual wrote.


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