Seth Meyers jokes about 'Cadbury meth eggs' in Trump's Easter basket amid social media frenzy

Seth Meyers jokes about 'Cadbury meth eggs' in Trump's Easter basket amid social media frenzy
Seth Meyers humorously speculated about contents of Trump's Easter basket (Late Night with Seth Meyers/Getty)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Following a tumultuous Easter Sunday spent by Donald Trump venting his frustrations on social media, 'Late-night' host Seth Meyers took a humorous jab at the ex-president, speculating about the contents of Trump's Easter basket.

Meyers' comedic musings came after Trump's barrage of over 70 angry posts, prompting him to jest about the possibility of finding 'Cadbury Meth Eggs' in Trump's Easter basket.

Seth Meyers marvels at Trump's easter social media marathon

On Monday night's episode of 'Late Night', Meyers couldn't help but marvel at the sheer quantity of Trump's Easter Sunday posts, which numbered over 70 according to a report from MSNBC.

In classic late-night style, Meyers quipped about Trump's posts, jokingly likening one to something lifted from a Hallmark card and poking fun at the predictably unpredictable nature of Trump's online rants.

The posts primarily targeted individuals involved in the various legal battles Trump currently faces. Before delving into the content of these posts, Meyers couldn't resist making a quip about the ex-president's prolific online activity.

"Seventy posts on Easter! What's in the Easter baskets at the Trump family Easter egg hunt, Cadbury meth eggs?" Meyers joked.


Seth Meyers reacts to Trump's posts with exasperation and satirical wit

As he proceeded to dissect one of Trump's posts, Meyers barely managed to get through a single sentence before expressing his exasperation with an expletive. He then lightened the mood by jesting that Trump's words seemed more suited to a Hallmark card than a presidential communication.

Undeterred by the intensity of Trump's rhetoric, Meyers ventured into reading another post, albeit a fabricated one. Nevertheless, he confidently asserted that it might take a few sentences for the audience to discern its fictitious nature, given the unhinged nature of Trump's past online missives.

"That Easter rant may be the most deranged thing Trump has ever posted online, which is saying something, because he once misspelled his own name," Meyers quipped. "Just put yourself in a place where a friend or loved one sent you a text like this. Would you immediately alert your entire family and urge them to seek help? Or would you write back and say 'You've got my vote in November!'"

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