'She is so strong': Internet lauds Taylor Swift after trainer shares singer's workout routine

'She is so strong': Internet lauds Taylor Swift after trainer shares singer's workout routine
Taylor Swift's trainer, Kirk Myers, revealed her intense workout routine (Getty Images, @krikmyers/Instagram)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Pop sensation Taylor Swift's trainer, Kirk Myers, revealed that even on her days off, Swift would diligently attend gym sessions, approaching her workouts with the dedication and focus akin to that of a professional athlete.

According to Swift's trainer, her workout regimen is so rigorous and personalized that it's beyond the capability of most individuals to replicate.

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What did Krik Myers say about Taylor Swift's workout? 

Her trainer, Kirk Myers, told Vogue, "It’s really hard, some people would probably throw up or have to lay down on the floor if they trained like her."

A decade ago, during the singer's 1989 album cycle, Myers, the creator of Dogpound Gym and trainer to celebrities like Tom Holland, Kaia Gerber, and Patrick Schwarzenegger, began working with her.

"Her work ethic is just incredible,” Myers told the outlet. “I’m ready to be known as ‘Taylor Swift’s trainer.’ I don't think there’s a cooler title out there.”

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He discussed how Swift, at 34 years old, trained rigorously to prepare for the Eras Tour, where she delivered high-energy performances every night for almost three hours.

These performances involved a mix of dancing, singing, and playing the piano and guitar. With a whopping 44-song set list, the tour kicked off on March 13, 2023, and is scheduled to conclude on December 8, 2024.

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 19: Taylor Swift performs onstage during the 7th Annual We Can Sur
Taylor Swift is trained by Krik Myers (Getty Images)

Myers humorously remarked that Swift's workout routine was "tailored," emphasizing their approach to her training with the mindset of a professional athlete. He explained that they divided her training into an "off-season" when she wasn't touring and an "in-season" when she was actively performing.

According to Myers, Swift dedicates two hours to her workouts each day, for up to six days a week, during the off-season. While focusing primarily on her core in the gym, he also mentioned that Swift incorporates cardiovascular exercises into her routine outside of the gym.

The singer of 'Cruel Summer' has mentioned previously that she utilizes a treadmill to work out while singing along to the concert's playlist. Furthermore, Swift maintains her gym routine even while traveling, demonstrating her commitment to fitness wherever she goes.

"Taylor trained during the entire tour,” Myers told Vogue. “We would average two times a week. In-season training was more about maintenance, and so it was more like stability, mobility, biomechanics.” On her off days, he told the outlet they worked with a chiropractor to help Swift recover.

"If you’ve seen the show, you know how intense it is physically. Imagine doing that three, four days in a row and then you finally have a few off days and you’re still showing up to [the] gym. That’s Taylor.”

Additionally, he told Vogue about how hardworking is Taylor. He said, "She is the most resilient person I have ever met,”adding “It’s super-inspiring to see her consistently overcome obstacles and become better and stronger in the end. This also translates into her training and throughout her workouts."

He continued, "I give her a difficult exercise or challenging workout, not only is she able to complete and push through it  but she also perseveres, moving forward into the next exercise. This ultimately makes her stronger, better, and faster.”

Internet reacts to Taylor Swift's workout 

Swift's dedication to her workout was lauded by various social media users. An Instagram user wrote, "So incredible." 

A user said, "I could only imagine!!!" Another user wrote, "I so believe this." A next user said, "O we all believe it!!!!" A user said, "Appreciate her never-ending kindness

and encouragement." 

Another user said, "This is so interesting." A user said, "She is so strong." Another user said, "Post it, let us challenge ourselves!"

Another person wrote, "A true incredible star."

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