'She's hoping to win by default': Internet mocks Nikki Haley for urging RNC to vote on resolution restricting payment of Trump's legal fees

'She's hoping to win by default': Internet mocks Nikki Haley for urging RNC to vote on resolution restricting payment of Trump's legal fees
Nikki Haley's campaign is skeptical that the RNC might fund Donald Trump's legal fees (Getty Images)

OREM, UTAH: Nikki Haley called for transparency within the Republican National Committee (RNC), urging members to conduct an on-the-record vote regarding a draft resolution aimed at limiting the party's allocation of funds toward legal fees, including those of former President Donald Trump.

During a campaign event in Orem, Utah, Haley highlighted the need for accountability, stating, "All Americans, and Republicans especially, deserve a vote on the record on that resolution. We deserve to know how the RNC is going to spend their money and if it’s going to go towards legal fees."

Nikki Haley wants the RNC's decision-making process regarding funds to be under scrutiny

The issue arose following statements made by Trump's co-campaign manager Chris LaCivita, who indicated that the RNC would not cover the ex-POTUS' legal expenses. However, Haley's campaign officials expressed skepticism regarding this assurance, raising concerns about the potential misuse of funds.

She further questioned whether the RNC might divert support from down-ballot Republicans to what she termed a "legal slush fund."

Haley urged reporters to scrutinize the committee's decision-making process, noting, "Are you going to ask the question about what happens with that resolution that says you can’t spend it on legal fees?"


The upcoming RNC meeting in Houston scheduled for early March holds significance as members will convene to select a new chair due to Ronna McDaniel's resignation and potentially vote on resolutions, including those proposed by Mississippi committee member Henry Barbour.

His resolutions aim to limit RNC coordination with presidential candidates until they meet certain delegate thresholds and to prohibit the committee from covering any candidate's legal expenses.

"We brought forth these two resolutions to make sure there is a serious discussion about protecting the primary process while there are still two candidates competing and preventing the RNC from paying the legal bills of any political candidate unrelated to the election cycle," said Barbour in a statement to NBC News.

Haley echoed these sentiments and claimed her opponent might be running for reelection "to pay his legal fees and get out of some sort of legal peril," cautioning that nominating him for the party's candidacy would be "suicide for our country," as per Vanity Fair

The presidential hopeful stressed the importance of addressing the issue head-on and ensuring that party resources are used judiciously. She asserted, "You have to see the hole in the ship. And if you don’t see the hole in the ship, we’re all going to go down."

Internet reacts to Nikki Haley urging RNC members to vote for a resolution aimed at limiting the allocation of funds toward legal fees

Soon after Haley's calls for the RNC to vote on a resolution barring possible payment of Trump's legal fees came to light, netizens took no time to mock the presidential hopeful. 

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One said, "Nikki is hoping to win by default," and another quipped, "Totally not a Democrat folks. Lol."

"Can’t beat Trump so try other means," said a person, while someone else added, "They could also vote to kick her out for wasting everyone’s time." 

An individual expressed, "Why is she doing all this now? She needs to bring this at the beginning of the race. She would not criticize Trump except that he wouldn’t debate. It’s really too late now. I wish she would have done this from the get go. We may have had a different outcome."






Nikki Haley says she's doing what 70% of Americans want her to do

As the campaign progresses towards Super Tuesday on March 5, Haley evaded questions about the duration of her candidacy, saying her focus was on broader national issues.

"I’m doing what I think is right. I’m doing what I believe 70% of Americans want me to do," told the presidential hopeful to reporters, referring to a survey that found seven in 10 Americans wanted an alternative to a rematch of the 2020 election.

She further noted, "I don’t want to talk about how long y’all think I’m gonna stay in. I want the conversation to be, where are we going in the country?"

Furthermore, Haley reacted to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's announcement of stepping down from his leadership position and applauded the longtime Senator "for realizing that it is time for new generational change."

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