'Treating me like an animal': Kathryn Dennis gets abusive as she argues with cops in DUI arrest video

'Treating me like an animal': Kathryn Dennis gets abusive as she argues with cops in DUI arrest video
Kathryn Dennis disputes with the police officer trying to remove her seat belt (@kathryndennis/Instagram, Berkeley County Detention Center)

BERKELEY, SOUTH CAROLINA: 'Southern Charm' alum Kathryn Dennis was seen in a tearful exchange with police officers in a recent video capturing her DUI arrest.

The incident occurred following a three-car collision in South Carolina, leading to Dennis being apprehended and charged with driving under the influence, DailyMail reported.

The collision took place around 9 pm on Monday, May 20, with Dennis's arrest by the Goose Creek Police Department occurring around 10 pm.

Kathryn Dennis argues with police officer trying to remove her seat belt

Kathryn Dennis is living with her father (Instagram/@
Kathryn Dennis cried out saying, ‘I want my puppy’ (Instagram/@kathryndennis)

The footage starts with Dennis holding her dog while walking beside a road with the police officer. She then underwent various field sobriety tests before being led to the police car and handcuffed. 

She asserted, ”Y'all are ruining my life and my kids. Thanks for nothing because you didn't even do a field sobriety test to know if you're legit or not,”

She further asserted, “'You didn't do a blood alcohol test. Maybe I don't have the best balance in the whole wide world but you sure didn't confirm what you were doing.”

When informed they had arrived at the police department and a breathalyzer test will be conducted, she responded, "Go right ahead because I already know what comes next. I already know. Like I'm not stupid, I already know what's happening. Stupid s**t. My ex is a felon, like I know how this works."

As the officer attempted to remove her seat belt, Dennis expressed, "It's really messed up for you to just take people and.. what if they have kids because it could really affect their children's lives. Not my life, I don't give a f**k about me, it's my kids. I don't deserve to be here at all. Sorry you think I do, treating me like an animal, this is crazy."

She continued, "Go ahead. Bye. Get out of my face. Why are you so close to me?" before raising her voice and snapping, "Why are you so close to me!? You're disgusting! You're gross! Don't touch me like that."

She erupted once she realized the police officer was taking her dog, "I want my dog! No."

Kathryn Dennis cried out saying, ‘I want my puppy’

Before the police officer arrived, she cried out about her dog, expressing her distress, "I want my puppy. He can't go to the animal shelter! What do you mean!? I will sue the s**t out of you! No, I want my dog, he means everything to me. This is bulls**t. I just want my dog to be OK. Please just let my puppy be okay, please."

The dog she was seen with in the video appeared to be her pet Lil Gucci, who was reportedly in the vehicle with her during the accident.

Later, she demanded the officer to read her rights, saying, "I want you to give me my rights, my f**king rights, and I want you to take my back to the jail, whatever you want to do to me, and let me stay in my little cell, all night, until 9 am, when I can get my dog and leave and then sue the s**t out of you. That's what I want and I'm not getting out of the car otherwise."

Kathyrn Dennis hits a police officer and allegedly fled the scene (Instagram/ Kathyrn Dennis)
Kathryn Dennis was previously accused of hitting someone at a school but wasn't arrested. 
(Instagram/ Kathyrn Dennis)

Kathryn Dennis previously accused of hitting another car and driving away

According to DailyMail, Kathryn Dennis was accused of hitting someone at a school six months ago but wasn't arrested. This is her first time getting caught for drinking and driving.

Back in October 2023, it was reported that her SUV hit another car and drove away.

Dennis left 'Southern Charm' after eight seasons.

She has two kids with Thomas Ravenel, who was also on the show. She had some problems with drugs, and she lost custody of her kids because of it. She and Ravenal broke up in 2018. 

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