Taylor Swift news diary: Pop star and Post Malone drop 'haunting' acoustic version of 'Fortnight'

Taylor Swift news diary: Pop star and Post Malone drop 'haunting' acoustic version of 'Fortnight'
Taylor Swift and Post Malone stripped back their collaborative single 'Fortnight' to focus on the haunting piano (Getty Images)

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Fake Taylor Swift endorsement misleads MAGA Senate hopeful Royce White

Royce White, who is running to unseat Sen Amy Klobuchar in Minnesota, shared a fake Taylor Swift endorsement of President Joe Biden on his X account (@Highway_30/X)

Royce White, a MAGA candidate running against Sen Amy Klobuchar in Minnesota, shared a fabricated endorsement of President Joe Biden by Taylor Swift on his X (formerly Twitter) account on Monday, July 8.

The endorsement featured an image of Swift with the Biden-Harris 2024 logo and a quote suggesting optimism about America healing under their leadership.

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In his post, White expressed disbelief at the endorsement's credibility, stating, "Are people really that gullible? Wow! The healing process of sex transitions? #Godspeed." 

While Swift did make the quoted statement during an interview with V Magazine in 2020, she has not endorsed Biden in the current election cycle.

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The image featuring Swift with the Biden-Harris 2024 campaign logo was originally created by First Coast News, a Florida-based NBC affiliate station, in October 2020 after Swift's interview. However, the 2024 campaign banner was edited onto the image. 

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Democrats propose 'blitz primary' to replace Joe Biden with help from Taylor Swift and Oprah Winfrey

WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 1: U.S. President Joe Biden speaks to the media following the Supreme Court's ruling on charges against former President Donald Trump that he sought to subvert the 2020 election, at the White House on July 1, 2024 in Washington, DC. The highest court ruled 6-3 that presidents have some level of immunity from prosecution when operating within their
Democrats pitch ‘blitz primary’ to replace Joe Biden, involving help from Taylor Swift and Oprah Winfrey (Andrew Harnik/Getty Images)

Two Democratic insiders, Rosa Brooks and Ted Dintersmith, have proposed a "blitz primary" process to replace President Biden as the Democratic nominee amid mounting concerns regarding his fitness to serve a second term following his dismal debate performance.

They circulated a memo outlining their plan, suggesting Biden announce his decision to step aside with a transformative speech. This move, they argue, would elevate him as a statesman and not an aging leader clinging to power.

The plan involves a rapid selection of new candidates through a streamlined primary process culminating in the scheduled Democratic National Convention in Chicago. In the month leading to the convention, the party is advised to run "positive-only" campaigns, featuring weekly forums with celebrity moderators like the 'Lover' singer and Oprah Winfrey to generate social media buzz.

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Lena Dunham admits to feeling 'protective' of Taylor Swift in 'every single way'

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MAY 06: Lena Dunham attends The 2019 Met Gala Celebrating Camp: Notes on Fashio
Lena Dunham and Taylor Swift have been friends for over a decade (Getty Images)

Lena Dunham recently opened up about being "protective" of Swift. 

In a recent Q&A with The New Yorker, Dunham emphasized her carefulness in safeguarding Swift from intrusive inquiries, noting that she often declines requests for insights into her personal life or tickets to her tours.

Reflecting on the pop star's earlier years in the spotlight, the 'Girls' actress recalled the heightened scrutiny and criticism Swift faced, especially in 2014 when her fame peaked.

During that period, Swift received flak over several of her friendships, including her involvement with 'The Squad', a group that included Dunham, alongside ongoing speculation about her dating life.

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Taylor Swift and Post Malone's acoustic rendition of 'Fortnight' is quietly haunting

Post Malone performs on stage as Spotify hosts an evening of music with star-studded performances with The Black Keys and Post Malone, during Cannes Lions 2022, at Spotify Beach on June 22, 2022 in Cannes, France.
Post Malone and Taylor Swift collaborated on 'Fortnight' for her eleventh studio album (Getty Images)

Swift and Post Malone recently released an acoustic version of their track 'Fortnight', stripping away the original's percussion for a focus on haunting piano and acoustic guitar.

The track, a part of 'The Tortured Poets Department' album, originally debuted at Number One on the Billboard Hot 100 and held the spot for two weeks.

The 'Fortnight' music video, directed by Swift and featuring Malone, Ethan Hawke, and Josh Charles, explores themes of fatalism and serves as a visual metaphor for the album's narrative.

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