‘I can do this all night’: Taylor Swift pauses Edinburgh Eras Tour show, refuses to continue until her fan gets help

‘I can do this all night’: Taylor Swift pauses Edinburgh Eras Tour show, refuses to continue until her fan gets help
Taylor Swift paused her Edinburgh Eras Tour show to make sure her fan receives help (Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Swifties are in awe of Taylor Swift as the pop sensation proved she loves her fans.

During an Eras tour concert at Scottish Gas Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh, Scotland on June 7, the 'Tortured Poet Department' singer stopped performing her 'Midnights' album track 'Would've Could've Should've' to help a fan who appeared to be in distress. She did, however, continue to sing and play her guitar while asking for assistance.

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Taylor Swift pauses concert to help fan 

"We need help right in front of me, please, right in front of me," the 34-year-old sang to the more than 70K fans, as seen in a TikTok Video shared by one of them.

The 'Karma' singer says, "Gonna keep playing until we notice where it is. Right there. I'm just gonna keep playing 'til somebody helps them, then I'm gonna keep singing the song."

Swift continued, "I don't think anybody's gotten to them yet, and they're gonna. Because we're not gonna keep singing, we're just gonna keep talking about the people that need help in front of me. Just let me know when. I can do this all night."

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She then said, "OK, you're good? Awesome!" before performing the rest of 'Would've Could've Should've'.

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About a minute later, Swift paused mid-song again and expressed distress herself. "My hand is frozen in a weird cramp," she said. "This is so embarrassing."

The artist has postponed previous performances—including one on May 24 in Lisbon, Portugal—in order to assist fans in need. Swift's European leg of the tour will continue with two more gigs in Edinburgh before she moves on to Liverpool for three dates beginning on June 13.

Fans laud Taylor Swift's concern for fans

Several users lauded Swift for loving her fans. A user said on YouTube, "Wow! What a great person! Beautiful physically, heart, and soul."

Another user said, "Thank you Taylor..Love you." A user wrote, "I just love her." Someone else noted, "Notice how she didn’t stop. She literally kept playing & said she will keep playing 😅 she should have STOPPED playing."

Another wrote, "Our mother is mothering." Someone else gushed, "Legend." 

A user said, "Trav your gf is legit."

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