Trolls liken Taylor Swift's concerts to 'satanic ritual' after scientists claim her performance causes earthquake-like tremors

Trolls liken Taylor Swift's concerts to 'satanic ritual' after scientists claim her performance causes earthquake-like tremors
Californian scientists study Taylor Swift's concerts that caused earthquakes (GettyImages)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Californian scientists recently studied the impact Taylor Swift has on her fans. They found that her Eras tour caused earthquake-like tremors among attendees, highlighting her significant influence. However, some trolls dismissed her shows as resembling a 'satanic ritual.'

Swift recently set another record with her movie 'Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour' on Disney+. It became the most-watched music film ever on the streaming platform, indicating her immense popularity.

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Fans were also thrilled recently when Swift announced that her upcoming album 'The Tortured Poets Department' would feature a record number of explicit tracks, adding to the anticipation surrounding its release.

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 05: Taylor Swift attends the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards at
Taylor Swift's song 'Shake it off' caused the most tremors (GettyImages)

Taylor Swift's songs caused earthquakes during Eras tour

Fox Weather reported that Swift caused significant seismic activity during her concerts, which they playfully dubbed 'SwiftQuakes.' It wasn't the music itself or Swift's performance, but rather the energetic dancing of her thousands of fans that triggered the tremors, according to scientists.

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A concert in late July garnered attention after it was detected on a Seattle seismograph, prompting the California Office of Emergency Services to collaborate with the California Institute of Technology.

The team also monitored earthquake meters within a 5.5-mile radius of the stadium. The stadium complex is located within the Newport-Inglewood fault system, which is notorious for generating earthquakes with magnitudes of 7 or greater.

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Fox Weather highlighted that scientists identified Swift's song 'Shake It Off' as the most impactful, causing tremors equivalent to a magnitude 2 earthquake. Rather than using traditional magnitude measurements, scientists assessed the radiant energy released by the crowd's movement.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - DECEMBER 12: Taylor Swift accepts the Woman of the Decade award onstage du
Scientists say Taylor Swift's songs caused tremors up to 2 magnitude (GettyImages)

Calculations from an American Geophysical Union study reveal the top five Swift songs that release the most energy during her concerts. These include 'Shake It Off' at approximately magnitude 1.798, 'You Belong With Me' at around magnitude 1.796, 'Love Story' at about magnitude 1.76, 'Cruel Summer' at roughly magnitude 1.71, and '22' at about magnitude 1.64.

Gabrielle Tepp, an author and amateur bass guitarist, explained to Eureka Alert, "Keep in mind this energy was released over a few minutes compared to a second for an earthquake of that size. Based on the maximum strength of shaking, the strongest tremor was equivalent to a magnitude 2 earthquake."

The study by California scientists, highlighted by Fox Weather, concluded that the vibrations detected at the stadium were primarily due to crowd motion in response to the music, with nearly equal shaking intensities in both vertical and horizontal directions.

Internet users assert no one cares about Taylor Swift causing earthquakes

A user on Facebook wrote, "Was it the fans or was it the satanic ritual she was preforming."

Another user wrote, "Stop. No one cares."

A user commented, "At some point they’ll create a sink hole. Still not deepenough."

Another user commented, "Taylor Twit, a sad statement about the present age, sure glad I grew up when real artistic talent was still appreciated...omg."

A user stated, "Oh please😑 you're taking this too far."

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