'Golem gives fashion advice': Stephen Miller trolled after bragging about 'style icon' Donald Trump

'Golem gives fashion advice': Stephen Miller trolled after bragging about 'style icon' Donald Trump
Stephen Miller thinks Donald Trump was the most stylish president of our lifetime (Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: In a recent exchange on Sean Hannity's show, former White House advisor Stephen Miller sparked a wave of internet mockery as he lavished praise on his former boss, Donald Trump, calling him a 'style icon' and suggesting he revolutionized American fashion.

The conversation, which veered from critiquing President Joe Biden's use of notecards to discussing Trump's alleged fashion influence, quickly became a target for ridicule across social media platforms.

Stephen Miller calls Donald and Melania Trump 'most stylish president and first lady'

Hannity, inquiring about Miller's experience writing speeches for Trump, led the conversation down an unexpected path when Miller diverted to a New York Times profile on Biden's attire, asserting that Trump and Melania were the epitome of style.

According to Miller, Trump's stint on 'The Apprentice' catalyzed a shift in American fashion, with people emulating his signature style for years afterward.

In Miller's view, Trump's sartorial impact was so significant that he deemed him and Melania the "most stylish president and first lady" in recent memory, dismissing Biden's fashion choices as resembling a "walking corpse." He went further, suggesting that the only article worthy of Biden's style would be one detailing how he managed to look embalmed every day.

Stephen Miller praises 'style icon' Donald Trump 

"The most stylish president and first lady in our lifetimes are Donald Trump and Melania Trump," Miller insisted. "Donald Trump is a style icon! He changed American fashion on The Apprentice. People spent the next 10 years trying to dress like Donald Trump."

"Joe Biden… looks like a walking corpse! he continued, The only style article to be written about Joe Biden is how you have mastered the art of looking embalmed because that is what Joe Biden looks like every single day when they jerk him up and he goes about his schedule.”

The remarks drew swift backlash online, with many ridiculing Miller's assertions and questioning the credibility of labeling Trump a fashion trendsetter. 


Trolls shred Donald Trump after Stephen Miller calls him style icon

As former White House advisor Stephen Miller extolled Donald Trump's supposed fashion prowess, Twitter users weren't buying it. 

One user wrote, "His ties are way too long. His suits look cheap and not in current style. What a creepy cult."


Another added, "Totally agree. His suit in court today looked cheap & kind of wrinkled."


One replied, "Ha, yes. He always looks like he puts his clothes on the chair next to his bed, and puts them on again in the morning. But, suits? I think he has 2 and his one red tie, is stinky from hanging in the toilet."


Another wrote, "He thinks the long ties make him appear taller."


Another commented, "You mean the guy who couldn’t find a suit that fit him properly and had a tie that hung down to his crotch like some kind of clown?"


A troll said, "No one. I mean NO ONE is trying to dress like cheese puff."


A user trolled, "Golem is giving fashion advice !"


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