Viral pic of Taylor Swift's protruding belly sparks debate as OB-GYN weighs in on pregnancy rumors

Viral pic of Taylor Swift's protruding belly sparks debate as OB-GYN weighs in on pregnancy rumors
Taylor Swift sparked pregnancy rumors owing to her protruding belly (Getty Images, @seedoildisrespector/X)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: A brief clip of Taylor Swift from a latest Eras Tour show has been intensely scrutinized by netizens with some claiming that she appears pregnant. 

Several videos and pictures of the songstress performing 'Delicate' during a show in Lisbon, Portugal, have been circulating on various social media platforms this week, as per Bored Panda.

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OB-GYN shares thoughts regarding pregnancy speculations surrounding Taylor Swift

In the viral video, Swift is seen in a crystal-embroidered Versace bodysuit with a bustier boning structure. 

The tightness of the Grammy Award winner’s costume highlighted her silhouette from every angle, leading concert-goers, fans, and other netizens to notice that her stomach wasn’t completely flat.


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According to Marci RD and The Siasat Daily, unlike men, women’s bodies are designed to accommodate reproductive organs like the uterus, which naturally requires space in the lower abdomen.

This anatomical difference, along with the need for extra padding to protect these organs, results in a slight protrusion in the abdominal area.

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Additionally, the natural distribution of body fat, which begins during adolescence, is partly directed to the lower abdomen to support potential childbearing, making a perfectly flat stomach rare and often unattainable without extreme measures.

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A video of Taylor Swift wearing a tight bodysuit led to pregnancy rumors (Getty Images)

As pregnancy rumors surrounding Swift continued to grow on social media, Dr Annie, an Obstetrician-gynecologist, took to TikTok to share her thoughts.

She said, "I’m watching the threads people are debating is she or isn’t she Some people are saying this is so rude. Why is everyone trying to scrutinize this poor woman’s body? She may just be bloated. I would weigh in and solve this debate once and for all. Do I, in my experience, believe that she is pregnant based on what I see in the video? The answer is clear-cut: there is no doubt about it."

Internet abuzz over pregnancy rumors surrounding Taylor Swift 

One wrote, "Looks like my wife right now who is 15 weeks," while another said, "She’s doesn’t even look pregnant, 🤡."

A person pointed out, "Every woman has SOME DEGREE of fat in the lower abdomen to protect the uterus!" Someone else stated, "Shes just bloated. Plus she has tour dates through December of this year."

One more offered, "If she was pregnant, I doubt she'd be performing. It would be a risk to the baby. Performing comes with a lot of risks, and those risks could easily risk the baby if there was one," and an individual added, "Looks like me when after lunch or on my period. No reason to jump to conclusions, women fluctuate in weight sometimes it is normal."







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