'Beyond despotic': MAGA supporters ripped as Stormy Daniels reveals disturbing threats she received amid Donald Trump's hush money trial

'Beyond despotic': MAGA supporters ripped as Stormy Daniels reveals disturbing threats she received amid Donald Trump's hush money trial
Stormy Daniels opened up about receiving vile threats from Donald Trump's supporters (Getty Images)

Warning: Graphic content, readers’ discretion advised

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK: As the hush money trial of Donald Trump nears its conclusion, Stormy Daniels, the woman at the center of the storm, has found herself in an unrelenting whirlwind of judgment and threats.

In an interview with the Mirror from her home in Texas, Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, recounted the vitriol and threats she has endured owing to the allegations she brought against the former president. 

Stormy Daniels opens up about vile threats she received from Donald Trump's supporters

Daniels shared, "Back in 2018, there was stuff like 'liar', 's**t', 'gold digger'. This time around, it’s different. It is direct threats. It is, ‘I’m going to come to your house to slit your throat.'"

She explained that the intensity of the abuse escalated following Trump's indictment over the alleged hush money payment made to her. The anger directed at her by Trump supporters has become so severe that many are not even attempting to hide their identities.

"They’re not even using bot accounts, they’re using their real accounts," mentioned Daniels, adding, "I compare them to suicide bombers. They legitimately think that what they’re doing is right. Those people who see me as a villain. It just makes me scratch my head and really question how they would want their daughters treated, or their sisters, or their mother."

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Stormy Daniels received vile threats from angry Trump supporters owing to her allegations (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Her comments are part of a new TV documentary, 'Stormy', which will air on Tuesday, May 28, in the UK on Channel 5, coinciding with the closing argument in the hush money trial. In the documentary, Daniels reads aloud some of the vile messages she has received, including threats of violence and degrading insults.

One of them chillingly read, "Even if you’d have been raped, you should have kept your mouth quiet for the greater good." Another said, "You’re nothing but a fat hillbilly, Trump would never touch you, stop lying, before I’m forced to shut you up myself."

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Donald Trump has denied having an affair with Stormy Daniels (Getty Images)

Stormy Daniels affirms she won't give up as she's telling the truth

Earlier this month, Daniels, 45, testified in the criminal fraud trial against Trump, making several bombshell claims about their alleged affair. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has accused the ex-POTUS of falsifying business records to disguise the $130,000 hush money payment to Daniels, intended to silence her ahead of the 2016 election.

Daniels, who married her fourth husband, Barret Blade, in December 2022, described how Trump would call her weekly, professing his love and begging to see her.

Sitting at her kitchen table, surrounded by legal documents, she praised her attorney, Clark Brewster, for his unwavering support.

Daniels noted, "There is a never-ending avalanche of court documents, lawsuits, and court transcripts. I wanted to die. If I had all of these legal bills piled up. I would never have been able to pay them. And Clark is the only one who never charged me and kept fighting for me. I can’t even imagine where I would be."

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Stormy Daniels gave a bombshell testimony during Donald Trump's hush money trial (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Reflecting on her ordeal, Daniels expressed, "The way this is different from 2018 is that I have more knowledge. The shock of it’s not the same. I’m desensitized to some of it. But they’ve also become more violent with me. I’m more prepared with my legal knowledge, but I’m also tired. Like my soul is so tired." 

She also explained why she initially signed the non-disclosure agreement (NDA), citing fears for her family's safety.

Despite the relentless abuse and legal battles, she remains steadfast. "I won’t give up as I’m telling the truth. And I kind of don’t know if that matters anymore," asserted Daniels. 

Internet slams MAGA supporters as Stormy Daniels opens up about the threats she received

"This is so f****d up!" exclaimed a person and another said, "Republicans threatening someone to save Trump is so MAGA." 

"Many prayers for her and anyone else being terrorized by these MAGA cult members," remarked someone else, while one more added, "If anyone thinks the MAGA Cult is dissipating, try again. Perhaps their numbers are substantially increasing, but no doubt it's a cult and crystalizing worse than ever imagined. Beyond despotic with their wannabe King getting filthier."





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