'Someone is just salty they lost': Internet trolls GOP lawmaker Kat Cammack as she seeks to ban foreign flags on House floor

'Someone is just salty they lost': Internet trolls GOP lawmaker Kat Cammack as she seeks to ban foreign flags on House floor
Kat Cammack called for the ban on displaying foreign flags within the House of Representatives as legislators were seen celebrating the passage of the aid package by waving Ukrainian flags on April 20 (@RepKatCammack/X, @RepClayH

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: GOP Congresswoman Kat Cammack took to the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) to announce that her team is working on legislation that would restrict the display of emblems of foreign nations inside the House of Representatives on Saturday, April 20.

Her statement comes in light of Democrat lawmakers waving the Ukrainian flag in celebration of the House passing foreign aid legislation that allocates $60.84 billion to Ukraine on the same day.

The move earned a rebuke from Speaker Mike Johnson, who relied on bipartisan support to make the bills go through. Speaking to reporters afterward, he said, "These are not normal times, here in the House or around the world, as we all know. We had a disturbance here on the House floor... I just want to say simply what I think most people around the country understand and agree, we should only wave one flag on the House floor. And I think we know which flag that is.”


Rep Kat Cammack's tweet

The US Representative from Florida shared a video recording of the House proceedings which showed many lawmakers waving Ukrainian flags in the chamber on Saturday.

"Watching American representatives pass out & wave Ukrainian flags in the United States House of Representatives chamber infuriated me. As we speak, my team is drafting legislation that will prohibit the display of foreign nations’ flags on the House floor," she wrote. "If there is one room in our country that should only have the American flag present, it is this room."


Another clip of the incident was shared by Rep Clay Higgins (R-La), who stated, "All Democrats waiving Ukrainian flags on your House floor when the bill passed sending another 60B of your treasure to fund the war machine. 100% deficit money. Borrowed on the backs of your children. Wake up America."


Internet reacts to Rep Kat Cammack's tweet

Netizens brought up the topic of the January 6, 2021 riot, when people were seen carrying the Confederate flag inside Capitol Hill, to slam the conservative legislator, as the following tweets demonstrate.

"Weird. You were cool with these flags in the Capitol," wrote a user.


"You didn't seem to have a problem when they took down the American flag and put a Trump one up during the insurrection," stated another.


"I think someone is just salty they lost," jibed a user, referring to the opposition of the Republican hardliners to the funding bills.


"From just the video, I wouldn't have recognized Ukrainian flags. What dominates my view is the large U.S. Flag front and center. You seem a bit over sensitive about the actual, vital legislation that got passed," commented one user.


"Maybe you wouldn’t mind so much if the Russian flag was there since you pretty much voted to give Ukraine over to them," chided another.


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