'He's using Taylor Swift': Travis Kelce faces backlash over acting debut on Ryan Murphy's 'Grotesquerie' set

'He's using Taylor Swift': Travis Kelce faces backlash over acting debut on Ryan Murphy's 'Grotesquerie' set
Trolls assert Taylor Swift is just a career move for Travis Kelce (Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce/Facebook)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Even after months of dating pop icon Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce couldn't shake off the trolls. He recently faced accusations of using the singer to garner fame and career opportunities in the entertainment world.

This followed after the NFL tight end was spotted on Ryan Murphy's 'Grotesquerie' sets for filming.

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The blooming romance of Kelce and Swift has been the ultimate topic of many conversations. Recently, Barstool sports owner, Dave Portnoy also revealed his predictions regarding the end game for the couple and asserted that he sees Kelce popping the question to Swift and getting engaged within a year.

On the other hand, country singer Jana Kramer ridiculed the couple as she labeled Kelce a drunkard and asserted that she worries Swift will also go down the same trajectory and start drinking more in Kelce's presence.

Travis Kelce appears in white ensemble on sets of 'Grotesquerie'

The Super Bowl-winning tight end was shredded by online trolls recently when he was spotted all geared up for his first venture into acting. He was busy shooting scenes for the new horror series 'Grotesquerie', directed by Ryan Murphy, on Wednesday.

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According to The Daily Mail, Kelce was seen wearing a completely white outfit, holding a script as he made his way to the set. With his hair now jet black and a freshly dyed beard, he joined his fellow actors to make his official acting debut.

His co-star, Niecy Nash-Betts also made her way to the set in a stunning black dress that hugged her figure, while Courtney B Vance was decked out in a doctor's uniform complete with a stethoscope

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As per the Daily Mail, Kelce is following in the footsteps of his girlfriend, Swift, who starred in the 2019 movie adaptation of 'Cats' which bombed at the box office.

Swift's debut on the big screen was in the 2010 romantic comedy 'Valentine's Day', alongside stars like Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Taylor Lautner, and Bradley Cooper. She has also appeared in 'The Giver' and lent her voice to the animated film 'The Lorax'.

Internet users assert Travis Kelce landed movie role because of Taylor Swift

Readers online unleashed a train of criticism on Kelce, with one writing, "Dating Taylor Swift has some great perks. He's trying to move out of football when he latest contract is up. She'll be done and moved on by then."

Another user wrote, "He is so desperate for fame... he won't have much time for Taylor with his acting, hosting jobs, podcast, commercials, music festivals, partying and football. I don't think they will do well on a permanent long distance relationship... she will wake up every day to headlines of his partying and "close" relationships to actresses and it is going to cause her so much distress I suspect."

A user commented, "Of course he’s using Taylor. She’s not his “type”.."

Another user commented, "How long before he hooks up with someone behind the scenes while TS is back on tour?"

A user stated, "Dating Taylor is merely a career move for him. He only cares about the fame and is shameless with it."

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