Internet has a field day after a swiftie wonders who the Taylor Swift equivalent is for men

Internet has a field day after a swiftie wonders who the Taylor Swift equivalent is for men
Taylor Swift's music is inescapable, whether on television or streaming platforms (Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: In a world where Taylor Swift's music is inescapable, whether on television or streaming platforms, the Internet recently found itself in a frenzy wondering who would an appropriately equivalent male celebrity be.

A theory about the pop icon's remarkable success was recently put forth by a Twitter user.

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The user suggested that the TIME Person of The Year authentically captures the inner lives of women through her music.

The same user ignited an intriguing discussion by pondering over the male equivalent of the pop singer.

Woman wonders who the Taylor Swift equivalent is for men


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The pop star's lyrics are known as a compelling fusion of narrative and sentiment, often mirroring experiences that are universally relatable.

Songs like 'Love Story', a timeless tale of star-crossed love, and 'Delicate', a catchy tune speculated to be about her former beau Joe Alwyn, are testament to this.

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Her music continues to strike a chord with fans globally, underscoring her enduring appeal.

A curious Swiftie with the user name @emilykmay posed a question on X that has since sparked a widespread debate about the male equivalent of Taylor Swift.

The query has also led to users theorizing about the secret behind Swift's monumental success.

The user wrote, "The thing about taylor swift is that she so perfectly encapsulates through her lyrics, the interior lives of women. It's why we all can't stop listening. We're all saying, "wait you felt that way? we were all feeling this way?" 

She asked in the same tweet, "Do men have someone like that?"

In response, a user asked in the comments section, "What the heck is an interior life?"

The women responded, "Your inner thoughts/feelings, the stories you tell yourself, etc."

Internet digs for answers

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Numerous users offered diverse perspectives in response to the woman’s question.

A user commented, "I don't think men do and tbh i think they need it."

One person added, "I think most men look for escapism in their entertainment (sports, fantasy, video games etc) there are some bands I listen to that have introspective lyrics, but most of us want to escape our feelings rather than stare at them."

"Yes we are all the same, women are all the same, good take," shared another.  

One user mentioned Eminem and explained, "In the 21st century, Eminem. He’s captured nearly the full spectrum of our inner world Literal classic songs for every zone Ambition: Lose Yourself Depression: Beautiful Fatherhood: Hailies Song Leadership: Not Afraid Focused pursuit: Till I Collapse Rage: half his discography."

"I have not had this experience at all with Taylor Swift," remarked one woman user. 

One male X user argued, "The nice thing about being a man is being free to appreciate how music sounds and not the lyrics."

One person said he didn't quite understand the woman's question and detailed, "I don't even understand the question. Has there ever been a male content creator that voiced issues men think about? Yes."

He added, "Shakespeare was doing that almost 500 years ago. Or Chaucer. Or Casanova. And plenty of male content creators do it today still."

Interestingly, there are female fans who find themselves unable to connect with the lyrics.

One female user added, "I actually don’t relate much to her lyrics so this is interesting. I like the lyrics, but i don’t relate to them."

"Women? Or teenage girls? I would think there are better artists out there who "perfectly capture" how women think and feel," mentioned another user.

"Traditionally, men have preferred not to wallow in self-created emotional crockpots," someone added. 

One person stated, "Taylor certainly has turned the female stream of consciousness into song lyrics the best. It’s like taking a woman’s phone message and transcribing it if it rhymed."

"Yeah they have Drake," answered another.













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