Internet backs Eric Trump as he slams MSNBC for report on ex-POTUS 'receiving millions from foreign govt'

Internet rallies behind Eric Trump's critique of MSNBC over report on Donald Trump 'receiving millions from foreign governments'
Eric Trump defends claims against father Donald Trump in MSNBC's latest news report, recieves support online (X/@EricTrump, Getty Images)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: MSNBC recently reported on former President Donald Trump, highlighting that he "received millions from foreign governments while in office," as indicated by a new report from House Democrats.

In response to MSNBC's report, Eric Trump dismissed the news, stating "What a joke." He took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to refute any claims made by the news channel.

People on social media have supported the former President's son, contributing to the backlash against MSNBC not only from Eric but also from online users.

Eric Trump backs his father after MSNBC news report

On X, MSNBC shared their latest news about former President Donald Trump and wrote, “BREAKING: Trump received millions from foreign governments as president, new House Dems report finds.”

MSNBC also shared a video of reporter Chris Jansing where she shared more information on the aforementioned news.


“Breaking news from Capitol Hill, there are new documents that come from House Democrats showing former President Donald Trump received nearly $8 million from nearly 20 different foreign governments while he was in office,” stated the report.

As the report continued, Eric Trump shared the same on X and responded, “What a joke! All foreign government profits, for stays at our hotels and other properties while my father was in office, were voluntarily donated to the United States Treasury.”


Eric also added, “Just another example of @MSNBC counter-narrative for the most corrupt family in political history - The Biden’s.”

Internet reacts to Eric Trump’s response to MSNBC

Following Donald Trump's son, Eric Trump, sharing his response to MSNBC's news report, which was based on findings by House Democrats, the internet swiftly rallied in support of Eric on various social media platforms.

One user wrote, “They’ve reached a new low. The only people who believe this crap are the morons who only watch MSNBC, and there aren’t many of those idiots left. Desperate losers,” and another wrote, “I can't stand MSNBC they are a bought news media. So bias and lies are grasping. MSNBC just needs to fold and close its doors in shame. This isn't journalism.”



“Thanks, Eric For Highlighting about this Phony MSNBC ISSUE!!” expressed one user, and another wrote, “No one has respect for fake media anymore.”



People continued to slam MSNBC online as one user wrote, “They are despicable,” and another said, “MSNBC, CNN and the others ALL lie. We all know it, finally.”




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